In Spotlight: iTouch Go Smartwatch, DigiMon Fitness Tracker, Real Me Watch S Pro

In Spotlight: iTouch Go Smartwatch, DigiMon Fitness Tracker, Real Me Watch S Pro

Here we have some wearables that is on our radar, some are new and some are upcoming wearables this month (iTouch Go Smartwatch). Expect to have several new smartwatches in the market before the end of the year, especially from big companies. Right now, we already spotted several wearables that are a bit popular whether new or old, they are making headlines in the wearable world. We pick some that we are interested in, and here are some of them.

There are a lot of articles published regarding the Real Me Watch S Pro, the smartwatch. We, check on its other leaked details about the watch and here is what we found out. Real Me Watch S Pro has a sporty design and packed with sport and fitness features. It will be announced on the third week of this month this year, the smartwatch has a sporty design with a 1.39″ inch AMOLED screen display with 454 x 454 pixel resolution.

It is packed with sensors such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and with 14 days of battery life. The wearable could be a good alternative for a pricey sport smartwatch in the market and might give a challenge to Amazfit smartwatches that are known to be affordable but with good design and specs.


DigiMon Fitness Tracker

This one is more of a collector’s item I think than a wearable for fitness tracking. The Digimon Fitness tracker, has a sporty, trendy design, it is included in the Vital bracelet series. It is equipped with fitness tracking but will have that favorite, Digimon characters loaded ot it. Just like other fitness trackers, the smartwatch has a built-in heart rate monitor and step tracking. The company behind it stated that more challenges and characters will be brought to the wearable with rankings to battle with other users along with your monsters.


Other wearables that we will keep our radar on are iTouch Go Smartwatch, we will provide you more details on the iTouch Go smartwatch, Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite and other upcoming wearables this week. There is a lot of competition right now for wearables, so keep coming back as we bring you updates on these smartwatches.

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