ModernMerch Smartwatch – Upgraded 2020 Version – A Watch 5 Clone?

ModernMerch Smartwatch – Upgraded 2020 Version – A Watch 5 Clone?

With a lot of smartwatches trying to copy the look and design of Apple Watch, here is another wearable that is somewhat similar to the popular Apple Watch 5, in terms of appearance. Check out the ModernMerch Smartwatch a wearable with a familiar look, the company behind it tag it as a cool, quality and unique. I guess they are right but describing it “unique” might be nonsense.

Anyways, it’s obviously a copycat in terms of design but it’s a good copy. It is one of the reasons why users are interested in getting one, especially those who can’t afford to buy the branded one. We check on its features and specs and here are our initial take on the ModernMerch Smartwatch, is it really modern?  Let’s see…

Design and Materials

Made from high quality alloy metal, the smartwatch has an ultra-thin design. Its body is pretty similar to the popular brand, having a brown button on the side with curved edge body. I guess the only thing missing on the design of the body is the pull shape button just below the crown button.

It also has that sporty silicon strap available in different colors. We cannot just confirm if the strap is interchangeable, whether it has that strap on design or not. The overall body has a low waterproof rating, it is only IP65 waterproof.

ModernMerch Smartwatch – Upgraded 2020 Version - A Watch 5 Clone?

If you are going to check on the description, the IP65 is dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle. It is not fully washed proof and cannot be submerged underwater.  The screen is protected by a 2.5D curved display giving the wearable a premium look and added protection.

Health and Fitness Features of Modernmerch Smartwatch

When it comes to health functions, the smartwatch has a real-time heart rate monitor; it has a built-in optical heart rate sensor with an intelligent algorithm in tracking your heart health.

Other health functions included are sedentary reminder and sleep monitoring. According to its product page, it also has an ECG monitoring as an additional heart tracking health.

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The wearable is packed with call and message notifications, it also has Bluetooth call option with its built-in speaker and mic. It also has an automatic activity tracking, it tracks your steps, calories and distance.

Additional functions included are anti-lost, Bluetooth camera, stopwatch, calculator, alarm, Bluetooth music, preloaded watch faces, calendar and more.

ModernMerch Smartwatch – Upgraded 2020 Version - A Watch 5 Clone?

Our Take on the ModernMerch Smartwatch

The smartwatch got the basic features such as call and message notifications. It also got a good design mimicking the look of the Apple watch. The smartwatch has a several functions that you need for a smartwatch with notification features and activity tracking. For health functions, the HR monitor and ECG is a good function to analyze your status during your workout. But it still it remains to be seen if the wearable do have an accurate sensor especially on HR and steps tracking. With its smart notifications, usually most wearable don’t have any issues with this feature, I guess it will be the same with the Modernmerch smartwatch.

Basic Specifications of the ModernMerch Smartwatch

Display: 1.54” inch IPS HD LCD 320 x 240 pixels

Watch Material: High-quality alloy metal

Processor: MTK6261D

Memory: 128M+64M

Bluetooth: Bluetooth Version 3.0

Battery: 210mAh

Waterproof: IP65 Rating




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