Mobvoi TicKasa Vibrant Smartwatch – Review of Features

Mobvoi TicKasa Smartwatch – Review of Features

Finally, Mobvoi released a beautiful lightweight, premium rectangular smartwatch. Introducing the Mobvoi Tickasa Vibrant smartwatch, a smartwatch with a simple, classic lightweight design that every fitness fans are looking for.

The smartwatch has a familiar design, the wearable looks like the popular ID205L smartwatch, somewhat similar in appearance but much classier. With regards to the body we are not sure whether it is a PC or metal, anyways whatever the material, the device looks beautiful with its two-tone design. It has a single physical button on the side and with a slim bezel. The wearable has a two-tone TPU strap also with a beautiful trendy look.

Mobvoi Tickasa Vibrant Smartwatch

Let’s Check out the Features of Mobvoi Tickasa Vibrant Smartwatch

Accurate Built-in GPS for Outdoor Workout

Mobvoi markets the Tickasa smartwatch as a GPS smartwatch. It is equipped with a built GPS. According to its product page, the wearable provides fast and accurate positioning of your location. It is a perfect partner for outdoor workouts.


14 Sports Mode for your Fitness Routine

We mentioned workouts, the smartwatch is equipped with at least 14 sports. It has outdoor running, indoor running, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, hiking, cricket, pool swimming, rower, open area swimming, yoga, elliptical machines, and more.


Activity Tracking Feature

The smartwatch helps you track your activity with this function. It can track your fitness progress all day, this includes heart rate, step counter,  calories burned.

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In a lightweight small package, the Mobvoi smartwatch is loaded with the following functions.

Breathing guide – it is becoming a norm in fitness tracking device. The feature provide an easy guide in proper breathing after a workout or during meditation.

Weather Forecast – get real time alerts on weather with the useful functions

Female Health Care – Get female physiological information such as ovulation, menstrual period, and other useful female health functions.

Music Control – Play, pause, forward, and the music on your smartphone with the Bluetooth Music function.

Smart Notifications

The Mobvoi Tickasa smartwatch is equipped with smart notifications. Get real time messages, call notifications. Receive social app notifications such as Facebook, Twitter, QQ, Whatsapp and other popular social apps.

Additional Functions included are stopwatch, alarm clock, countdown, virtual running partner, sport recognition (walk and run).


The smartwatch has a 1.3″ inch TFT LCD with full touch screen operation with 2.5D curved glass display. It has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity compatible with Android and iOS platform. The smartwatch has a long battery life, it has 210 mAh battery with 45 days of standby time and with 7 days of normal usage.



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