MK28 Smartwatch – Sporty, Rugged, A Hybrid Tactical Smartwatch

MK28 Smartwatch – Sporty, Rugged, A Hybrid Tactical Smartwatch

Lets go tactical with the MK28 smartwatch, a hybrid wearable with an outdoor style, masculine, sporty, and rugged. This smartwatch is from LOKMAT, and cters for those who would love to have an outdoor smartwatch but with a long battery life. See the details on its specs, and features.

Design and Build Quality

The MK28 smartwatch has that outdoor, rugged deisgn. An alloy enclosed in a tpu case to give the smartwatch a durable body built. It is shock poroof, bump and full proof, no worries about it if you wear it outdoors especially in hards conditions. The smartwatch is also like waterproof, with it you don’t have to worry wearing it outdoors even in unfovarable conditions. It is an outdoor sport with physical button for operation.

When it comes to screen display, the wearable has a monochrome LCD display with icons that shows blinks when there is an activity in your wearable. The display doesn’t supprot touch screen, but relies on its physical button for operation. Its 1.4” inch LCD screen with crisp, monochrome color, you don’t have to turn on the screen, the analog time gives it an all day time checking.


Features of MK28 Smartwatch

The smartwatch supports smart notifications, whether its call and SMS. It alerts you without showing the messages on your screen. Other reminders included are alarm, timer, there is also a calendar to keep check of the date aside from the time. Regarding messages, according it its promotional information, the wearable also supports social app notifications.

For sports function, it keeps track of the step, calories as well as the distance. It is a sport smartwatch with a long battery life, outdoor design.

One of the main feature of the MK28 smartwatch is the battery life. Instead of a rechargeable battery, the smartwatch has a CR2340 button battery that last up to 12 months before you need to replace it. No need to charge it every other day or week. Replace the battery and you will have at least a year of battery life.

MK28 Smartwatch Specifications

Display: 1.4” inch display

Sensor: g-sensor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: CR2430 battery 12 months of battery life

Compatibility: Android 6.0 and iOS 7.0 and above

Color: Blue, Black and Green

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