Fontastic Fitness Tracker FontaFit Model – Review of Features

Fontastic Fitness Tracker FontaFit Model – Review of Features

Here is one of the popular model from Fontastic wearables. The Fontastic fitness tracker Fontafit 140CH. Based on the images, it is a light, sporty wearable with good display screen. See our intial review on its features and specs.


The Fontastic Fitness Tracker slim design, lightweight sporty look. It has a PC body with sporty silion watch strap with stainless steel buckel. It has a proprietary strap, so we don’t think that it is replaceable once it is damage. Anyways, seems like the strap is durable enough to withstand your daily activities.

Overall, the wearable has a good waterproof rating. It is IP67 waterproof, it is splash proof, and dust proof as well. With regards to the display, the smartwatch has a full color screen with a touch button key operation. The screen shows the time, date, steps taken. There is also an information for the Bluetooth connectivity as well as the battery.


Features of the Fontastic Fitness Tracker FontaFit Model

Health functions

One of the main feature of the fitness tracker is the health function. The wearable has a heart rate monitoring, there is also a blood pressure. You can check your HR anytime, anywhere with the health features. If you want more details, it is available in the support app. Another feature is the sleep monitoring, this function monitors your sleep activity and cycle automatically. Similar to the HR and blood pressure, more details such as graphs and stats are available in the support app.

Sports and Activity Tracking

Aside from various sport activities, the smartwatch is also equipped with automatics activity tracking. You can monitor your steps, calroies as well as disttance.

Real Time Reminder

When connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The smartwatch can receive calls and push notifications. Regarding the calls, it supports caller ID, this is very useful as you dont need to check your phone if who is calling you. Just raise your wrist and you can glance the details on the call notifications.

Additional Functions

The fitness tracker has a camera remote control, music control, anti-lost, alarm, timer and more.

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