Meizu H1 Smartband Released Date December 6 – Price Tag of $33 U.S dollars

 Remember the Meizu H1 smartband that we talked about last October? Well it will be out in the market soon, December 6, 2016, the day of the unveiling.

The fitness band will be out in the market this week stay tuned here, before it was rumored to be price at 499 Yuan based on leaked photos, but hold on as Meizu might be dropping the price considerably to compete with the current popular affordable smartband in the market, according to the report the smartband will be price at 299 Yuan or about $33 dollars at today’s rate.


The smartband has unibody design with its screen and display embedded in the body, based on the report, the smartband has several fitness and health features such as heart rate monitor, pedometer, time, and notification features and uses a 4 pin contact charging. The best selling point for this fitness band is the battery life according to Meizu, it might true, as the smartband uses a small screen that will considerably save a lot of juice, but sadly Meizu did not provide a hint with its stand by time, I think we just have to wait on December 6, 2016. So stay tuned here for more information on the Meizu H1 Smartband.

The Meizu H1 Smartband is rumored to be unveiled alongside the Meizu M5 Note smartphone in China on December 6, 2016, and expected to be available in Chinese based tech stores.

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