Gear S2 Value Pack – Brings Gear S3 Features to your Gear S2

If you are planning to retire your Samsung Gear S2 to upgrade to Gear S3, well you might want to hold on for it, as Samsung rolls out a software update for Samsung Gear S2.


Samsung just released the Samsung Gear S2 Value Pack, a software update that brings some of the features of Gear S3 to your Gear S2. The upgrade improves the activity tracking of your Gear S2, customization options includes some watch faces that is available only for the Samsung Gear S3. Additional app features added to the store such as barometer app, altimeter app, reminders app. Please take note that after you updated your device, you will also have the option to reject calls, dismiss alerts and other options.


If you are into Uber and Yelp, the value pack also included a support for these apps. A handwriting mode has also been added to message option, you can now write in English, Korean and Chinese. If you are into sports the Samsung S-Health just added new improvements such as running, walking, cycling and other fitness routine such as squats, lunges, crunches and star jumps.

So far it is the biggest update for Samsung Gear S2, the update has a version number of R7320XA2EPK5, its about 133 MB. Right now it is available in selected market but expect it to expand in other countries as well in the coming weeks.

Here are some notable features added:

  • Additional Watch Faces
  • Calls can be accepted or rejected via a turn
  • New handwriting mode
  • Additional Fitness Features
  • Improved weather widget
  • Additional Games


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