Makibes HR6 Smartband  In-Depth Review

Makibes HR6 Smartband  In-Depth Review

As you all know we are a fan of Makibes wearables. This brand is consistent in bringing new and exciting smartwatches and smartband in the market. We already reviewed several Makibes wearables before and so far we rated  it favorably.

And here we are providing again another review to one of the latest wearable from Makibes. Check out our indepth review of the Makibes HR6 smartband provided to us by Before we dive in to the specs and features, let’s check if what comes with the Makibes HR6.

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What’s in the Box

1 x Makibes HR6 Smartband

1 x Charging Cradle with Short Micro USB Cable

1 X User Manual


Instead of using a magnetic charging cable (POGO pin), it uses a charging cradle similar to a charging cradle of Huawei smartbands. It is prone to getting lost, so piece of advice always keep it in a safe place always.

Design – Sporty and Ergonomic

The MakibesHR6 smartband has a sporty trendy design. It has an ergonomic design having a slightly curved zinc alloy case frame that is durable and classy as well. Weighing 30 grams only, the HR6 smartband is comfortable to wear, lightweight and at the same time it has a premium look. The strap is not a two tone strap, although I’m a fan of it and would prefer this type of strap. Still, the strap of Makibes HR6 is not that bad either, I like its design, a sporty tire style strap that is breathable, waterproof and with stainless steel buckle. The overall body as well as the strap  has an IP68 waterproof rating, no worries on wearing it while washing your hands or rain water.

Display – Sharp, Full Color Display

The display is a full color LCD, having a 0.96” inch, yes it might not that wide compared to other Makibes band but its enough to display readable and clear information on the smartband. It has an 80 x 160 pixel resolution that is sharp and crisp. The smartband supports touch key method of operation and so far I found it very responsive. I was able to access menus and other options fast and easy with no noticeable delay.


Before we dive in into its sports and features, lets focus on first in its inner hardware. The wearable runs the MOV 4.0 and with 512 K ROM and 64K RAM and with Bluetooth 4.0. For its sensors, it has gyro sensor and with heart rate monitor. So far, the smartband has a good specs and based on our 1 week test, it runs flawlessly and with fast sensors.



Checking on the smartband, the wearable H36 smartband has a pretty basic UI and menus. Unlike other smartband that is loaded with menus and options I the band ,the HR6 do only have few menus.

Basic Menus include:

Step Counter – it is accompanied with step counter, calorie counter, as well as distance counter

Heart Rate Monitor – long press to activate

Stop Watch

Bike Riding – it is accompanied with HR monitoring, calorie counter the data is enough, it will be stored to the smartband and can by transfer to the support app when synchronize.

If you are wondering if where are the extra features stated in the specifications. Well, it can be activated on the app, connect your smartband to your smartphone and select the option on the support app, “Exercise”.


For Multi-Sport Mode there are at least 4 Options

  • Jump Rope
  • Treadmill
  • Jumping Jack
  • Sit-Ups

Just select the type of sports and tap “Play Button”, the band will automatically switch to the selected exercise. IF you want to do the marathon/running just tap “ Start” and automatically it will ask you to activate GPS for map trajectory. There is also an option for walk and ride. Please take note that the ride option /bike riding is available in the smartband.

So far, everything good and function smoothly. But please take note that it doesn’t have a built in GPS but instead it relies on the built-in GPS of your smartphone.

Additional Features

It has sleep monitoring with its graphs and additional data is on the support app. Sedentary reminder, with option to set the settings for number of hours or minutes in the app. Remote control for camera and more.


The Makibes HR6 supports call and message notifications, with an option to read the information right on y our smartband. It also supports social apps, here are the list.

  • WeChat
  • QQ
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Line
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Kakaotalk
  • Instagram
  • SnapChat


The battery has an ultra-long standby time giving the smartband a 10 day standby time and  with 5-7 days of normal usage.

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