Huawei GT Vigor Smartwatch Deal at

Huawei GT Vigor Smartwatch Deal at

Huawei just created a smart watch that has personality, amazing design and specs and priced at $269.99 its 25% OFF from the original price The Huawei GT Vigor Version is dedicated to become the ultimate fitness tracker that comes in a pretty design and longer battery life.

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Huawei GT Vigor Version is a competent smart watch, in fact the design masks that this watch is a smart watch. The physical feature is a head turner; it is not just a pretty design but also a durable one. The quality is amazing with its stainless steel casing it has a DLC or diamond light carbon coating which makes this smart watch scratch resistant.

It is remarkably thin with only 10.6mm and a vibrant bezel diameter of 46 mm which creates a wider view and good combination for its 1.39 inch AMOLED screen. The GT Vigor Version has brighter, crisper color and clearer readable icons even under too much light. This is probably with 454 x 454 resolutions, its remarkable vibrant and slim. The circular dial has double crown on the side which the upper one function for the menu and power button and the lower is for workout mode.

When it comes to the silicone strap it is skin friendly and you might love the leather appearance with the stitching design adds up a vintage feels to it, but if you are not into this detail they also have other straps that has amazing color Dark Green and Orange in a more modern appeal.

The Vigor Version supports 3 Satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) worldwide which offers accurate, faster and precise positioning which can help you tracking your distance. The Huawei GT Vigor Version is the first double chipset architecture in the industry which enables to have a stronger battery life capacity of 2 weeks but it depends on the usage. It can last up to 30 days receiving messages and calls as long as the heart rate monitoring off.

The Vigor Version has heart rate monitoring that uses Huawei Truseen technology which accurately monitors hear rate by using self-learning algorithm and innovative sensors. It also offers multiple sports mode for outdoor, indoor and training activities as well as sleep monitoring that can give you the quality of your sleep.

So this is mostly a fitness tracker that you can make use when you sports is swimming since this is 50 meters resistance and can recognize and improve your stroke and can automatically provide SWOLF score after swimming. Bring it with you when trekking because it caters features like barometer, compass and altitude tool which you can use to track distance and places. It can also provide professional cycling assessments like heart rate, distance, speed and accumulative climbing and fall, all this for the cycling enthusiast.




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