M5 Smartband – Cheap Fitness Tracker, Review of Features

M5 Smartband – Cheap Fitness Tracker, Review of Features

This smartband has been introduced in the market several months after the released of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Its goal is to provide a much affordable to the popular fitness tracker by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi band 5. Introducing the M5 smartband, just in the name is already a giveaway.

Checking at the smartband, it is a blatant copy of the Mi Band 5. The capsule-like body, the strap has an uncanny resemblance to the Mi Band 5. Even the box packaging is undoubtedly a copy of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. The smartband has a 0.96” inch TFT LCD color screen with button key operation. So far, seems like it looks good, sharp, clear TFT screen display. It got intuitive menus, trendy icons with easy access.

The overall body is IP67 waterproof, it is splash-proof, dustproof as well. I guess although it is cheap, still it safe to wear it harsh outdoors. Anyways before we forgot, the charging cable of the M5 is similar to the original one.

Checking at the product page, the wearable has a lot of features, it is a fully loaded device whether its health and fitness, sports, and messaging. Below are its features of the M5 smartband.


Features of the M5 Smartband

Health features included:

The M5 smartband, is packed with health functions such as heart rate monitoring, as well as blood pressure monitoring. There is also a blood oxygen monitoring, according to its product page, these health monitoring check your vital stats anytime with stats and graphs on the support app. There is also sleep monitoring, checking every day the deep sleep, light sleep and time length.

Notification Functions

Receive real-time notifications with its message reminder as well as call reminder. Its call notifications support caller ID, and the message reminder supports message display. It also supports popular apps such as , QQ , WeChat, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Instagram, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Line. There is a product page, that states that it supports Bluetooth calls but we still can’t confirm this.

Multi-Sport mode and Activity Monitoring

There is also a multi-sport mode, get fit with its running, sit-up, skipping, accompanied by calorie and distance counter as well. The wearable also supports connected GPS, keep track of map trajectory with this feature.

If you are not into sports, you can still keep track of your activity with automatic activity tracking. The functions included are steps, calories, distance, and heart health.

Other functions included

The above functions are the main feature of the M5 smartband. There are still additional functions included in the device making it one of the most popular fitness tracker in the market. Additional functions included are weather display with 24/7 all-weather continuous recording. There is also a phone reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm.

Initial Review of M5 Smartband

So far, the price is too good to be true but seems like the smartband does have a lot of positive reviews. It is a good entry-level for those who want to experience what it’s like to have a smart band without spending too much.

It got the basics such as health and fitness functions, messaging functions and a lightweight design. Just watch out for our in-depth video review of the device, let’s see if how the M5 smartband stand when it comes to fitness tracker especially if we compare it with the Mi Band 5.

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