Lenovo C2 Smartwatch – Outdoor Smartwatch with FSTN Display

Lenovo C2 Smartwatch – Outdoor Smartwatch with FSTN Display

After the popular Lenovo EGO smartwatch with a rugged design, and power-saving display screen. The company is back again with a new outdoor smartwatch, the Lenovo C2 smartwatch.

The Lenovo C2 smartwatch, this smartwatch is designed as an outdoor smartwatch with its rugged type design. It has a glass fiber reinforced PC body with a sporty silicon strap with a stainless steel body. It looks like one of Casio’s sport smartwatches with its design. Color options for the smartwatch are flame red, vigor blue, and classic cool black. Based on the description of smartwatch, it has an ultra-high-strength, impact-resistant body.

It is durable with a high and low-temperature-resistant feature. The smartwatch has a bulletproof craft shell according to Lenovo and a skin-friendly silicon strap that is food-grade silicone material. One of the main features of the Lenovo C2 smartwatch is its power-saving screen.

It has an FSTN screen display that is viewable under direct sunlight. At night it features a backlight to provide lighting in the dark. The only drawback with the FSTN display, is that it doesn’t have support for touch screen. Instead, it relies on the four physical buttons on the side, switch, light, mode and play/pause button. The FSTN display is protected by a hardened tempered glass that is scratch-proof, impact resistance, and it has high and low temperature resistance.


Features of the Lenovo C2 Smartwatch

Aside from the outdoor design, the smartwatch is loaded with sport and fitness functions.

Here are some of the features of the C2 smartwatch

The smartwatch is equipped with step counter, it is able to keep track of your steps, with stats on the support app. Other fitness and health functions are sedentary reminder, stopwatch. Aside from there, the smartwatch also provides information on the date, alarm, world time. It is all available on the watch face of the smartwatch.

Non-Intrusive Notifications

The Lenovo C2 smartwatch has a non-intrusive way of providing notifications. It notifies you via beeping sound and a blinking icon whether it’s call or messages. Other functions included in the device are remote photo capture, find phone and wireless upgrade.

One of the main features of the smartwatch is the long battery life. With its CR3032 button battery, in combination of the FSTN display, the smartwatch has at least 3 years of battery life. If the battery runs out of juice, no need of charging, just replace the CR3033 battery like a normal wristwatch.

Initial Review on the Lenovo C2 Smartwatch

The smartwatch C2 by Lenovo is an outdoor sports smartwatch. Durable, PC body in combination with a TPU strap with stainless steel buckle. If you are looking for a sports smartwatch, for the outdoors without spending too much, check the Lenovo smartwatch. The display is also ideal for the outdoors, as the screen is viewable even in direct sunlight. And of course, it battery life is almost 36 months, no need to charge it every week, the smartwatch can last up to 3 years.

Lenovo C2 Smartwatch Specifications

Display: FSTN Display

Sensors: Accelerometer

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery Capacity: Button battery CR3032 Using time: About 1-3 years

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and iOS 10 and above

Wateproof Rating: 3 ATM Waterproof

Body: Reinforced PC

Color: Flame Red, Vigor Blue, Cool Black

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