Cubot W03 Smartwatch – Minimalist, Light Circular Smartwatch

Cubot W03 Smartwatch – Minimalist, Light Circular Smartwatch

Here is another Cubot smartwatch, the first one was the Cubot C5 smartwatch. And here is like the circular counterpart of the C5, the Cubot W03 smartwatch.

This smartwatch has a circular design that is thin and lightweight. We are a fan of lightweight wearable as they are comfortable to use and feels good to wear especially for rigorous activities. Right now, there is a lot of thin, lightweight wearable. And the Cubot W03 smartwatch is one of the newest in the market.

We check on the details of the Cubot W03 smartwatch, and here some of the information on its features and specs of the Cubot W03.


Style, Design of the Cubot W03 Smartwatch

The smartwatch has a circular design, having an aluminum alloy material for its body. It is light and durable as well as sporty and available in black, pink and black color options. Simple, minimalist, ultra-thin design. Overall, the wearable weights 40 grams and with a full-color display.

It has a 1.3” inch full color TFT LCD. It is a full-color display with a very slim bezel with the C5, but anyways, still the smartwatch has a simple intuitive UI making it easy to use, especially accessing its menus and functions.

Overall, the body has an IP68 waterproof rating, based on its product page, the wearable is waterproof up to 10 meters, it is splash-proof, dustproof and swim-proof as well.

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Features of the Cubot W03 Smartwatch

Here are some of the functions available in the Cubot W03 smartwatch

The smartwatch has a 24 hour heart rate monitoring, it tracks your heart 24/7 covering every heart rate zones, with the data in the support app. Its HR monitoring provides warnings when your HR is elevated, keeping your alert, keeping you safe.

Sport and Activity Tracking

W03 has automatic activity tracking, it automatically monitors the steps, distance, and calories. Aside from activity monitoring. The wearable is loaded with at least 9 sports mode. Price, from walking, running, hiking, riding, yoga, basketball, football, table tennis, and badminton. Each sport mode might be accompanied by calories, time, distance monitoring.

Smart Notifications

It also features smart notifications, receives alerts when you receive them. The smartphone support SMS notifications, call alert notifications as well as social apps notifications. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other popular social apps. Regarding its notification functions, you can read information, sort of a preview message of the SMS or social apps.

Entertainment Function

The smartwatch supports remote music control. Play, pause and forward to the next music stored on your smartphone with Bluetooth music function. It is a pretty useful app, especially if you are a lover of music, you can easily control the music on your phone just by using your smartwatch.

Other functions included in the device:

The wearable features, find my phone, alarm, stopwatch. There is also support for sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder and preloaded watch faces.

GloryFit app for Cubot W03 Smartwatch

The smartwatch uses the GloryFit app available in iOS and Android. It features graphs and statistics for smartwatch. We are not sure if the Cubot W03 supports connected GPS, but if the smartwatch has this function. The support app provides map data for your outdoor sport activities. Checking out the app features, the GloryFit app support synchronization of data to the Apple Health Kit. If you are using iOS platform, this function is a very good addition.

Initial Review of Cubot W03 Smartwatch

The smartwatch has a simple design, it is minimalist in appearance, but with a durable aluminum body. We like its simplicity, and it has the basic messaging function, sports mode and other useful features. Even though it lacks GPS, still it is a very good wearable, especially that it has a very affordable price. Plus it has a brand, and dedicated support is available in the Cubot website.

Cubot W03 Specifications

Display: 1.28” inch IPS LCD, 240 x 240 pixel resolution

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0

Battery: 210 mAh, 15-20 days of standby time, 7 days of normal usage


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