Cardieo Smartwatch – Review of Features, Is this a Scam or Legit?

Cardieo Smartwatch – Review of Features, Is this a Scam or Legit?

(Update) It is almost several months now since the Cardieo smartwatch has been introduced to the market. Still, it is unclear whether this wearable is worth buying or not. We check out the reviews and so far there are several complaints about the slow shipping, no technical support etc.

Of course, there are also others that are very happy with their purchased. Still, most of the reviews especially on its page are untrusted. Yes, the smartwatch does have some good points, but if you are going to ask us, I think there are better alternatives. Check the IWO lineup, the HW series smartwatch like the HW22 or the T500 plus, is a much better alternative.

Still, a popular smartwatch, the Cardieo smartwatch is a new smartwatch that we are very intrigued about, it has a familiar design, and with good reviews posted on their website

The smartwatch has cool specs packed to it, but we are more interested in its design and its features. Well, we check on its features and specs and here is our initial review/preview of the smartwatch.

Design and Display

A wearable with a design that is somewhat inspired by the popular smartwatch from Cupertino, California. It is obviously a blatant copy when it comes to the design, it is trying to copy the look of the Apple watch.

When it comes to the design, the smartwatch is an Apple Watch look alike, it has that rectangular design with curved edges, a crown button on the side and a pill shape button below it. If you will just look at the design, you might say that the smartwatch is an Apple watch.

Cardieo smartwatch

It has a sporty silicon strap with a snap-on design making it easy to attached it, and with a secure lock button. Based on its specs page, it is adjustable with a wrist clearance from 5.7 to 9.2 inches. The smartwatch overall body is IP68 waterproof rated, it is splash proof, rain proof and swim proof as well.

The display screen is good, having a 1.3” OLED screen. It is a full color screen display with full touch screen method of operation. The smartwatch has a good pixel resolution, it has 320 x 320 pixels. Much better compared to the 240 x 240 that we see always on cheap smartwatches in the market. If the specs are legit, the screen has good brightness having 500 nits. Although it is not detailed on the specs page. Based on the promotional images it is safe to say that the screen is protected by a 2.4D glass screen display.

What are the Features and Specs of Cardieo Smartwatch, is it Worth it?

The product page state that the smartwatch is one of the best wearable in the market under $100 dollars, it is one of the best smartwatch for 2020 based on the U.S.A Tech report, and most innovative smartwatch this 2020. Well, let’s check its features and specifications and see whether it is what it is.

Heart Rate Monitoring and Auto Activity Tracking

According to Cardieo, the smartwatch is an all in one fitness tracker and smartwatch. It is packed with unobtrusive optical light heart rate sensor, it also has an automatic step tracking with distance, calorie tracking, providing fitness data every day.

Multi-Sport Mode and Connected GPS

The Cardieo smartwatch also has 14 sports mode, it has running, walking, cycling, skiing, football, yoga, hiking and swimming to name a few. Some of the sports do have map trajectory with its connected GPS feature, you can use the GPS of your smartphone to keep track of you outdoor activities.

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Additional Functions

Another feature that is very useful in your fitness activity is the “Breathing Guide”, the breathing exercises keep you have a healthy intake of oxygen keeping you calm and relax.

10 vibration alarm and reminders( with gentle alarm buzzing), sleep monitoring, music control, message reminders with option to read messages, it also support social app notifications.

The smartwatch has 210 mAh Lithium iOn battery with at least 10 days of battery life, and 30 days in standby mode in just a single charge. an

Cardieo Smartwatch Specifications

Display: 1.3″ inch OLED touch screen with 320 x 320 pixel resolution

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate sensor

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: 210 mAh with 30 days standby time

Color: Black

Waterproof Rating: IP68 Waterproof

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Cardieo Smartwatch Scam or Legit?

Checking its website, the smartwatch do have several users already even though it is a pretty new wearable. I’m not sure whether its a real review or not, reading it all, it has a favorable review, seems legit.

It’s too early to say whether it is a scam or not. We encountered a product similar to this one before, even the marketing is somewhat similar and so far its okay. If you are going to asked me, check the product first for more reviews (legit review), try to check the company/office. They have email form on their site, try to ask if where is their company office just in case you want to return or replace the product.

Try to contact the support page and inquire on the product, shipment as well as the legitimacy of the site.  With its legitimacy and authenticity of the product , we will update this page later on. We will try to look for other sources to check if the product is legit, so stay tuned…

cardieo smartwatch review

Overall Take on the Cardieo Smartwatch

Our review on the device will be based on the specs and features only right now. The smartwatch got all the basics when it comes to sport and fitness. It has multi-sport mode, activity tracking as well as smart notifications. And so far, the specs, especially on the display looks good, having a much higher pixel resolution compared to other smartwatches with the same screen size.

For the accuracy, just like other smartwatches in its category, usually the sensors are far from accurate. It has a good waterproof rating, the specs even state that it is swim proof but honestly I will not rely on its rating that much.

If you are looking for an Apple Watch look alike without putting much weight on its overall features and specifications, Cardio Smartwatch might be a good contender. If successfully purchased this device please drop a comment below and tell us what you think about the wearable.

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