Kospet GTO Smartwatch – Review of Features

Kospet GTO Smartwatch – Review of Features

Another wearable has been introduced by Kospet in the market, introducing the Kospet GTO smartwatch. The smartwatch is a rectangular counter part of the Kospet Magic 2.

Elegantly designed, the wearable has a slim form factor. Its zinc alloy metal body has a lightweight design. According to Kospet, it is manufactured by CNC technology and polished in 28 steps giving it a beautiful craftsmanship, stunning look. The body is available in black, blue, pink and gold color options.

The design looks like Amazfit GTS smartwatch, having a single physical button on the upper right side. It has curve edge body and with sporty silicon with its color corresponding to the body of the watch.

With good quality manufacturing, the smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof rating, you dont have to worry on getting it wet while swimmingor washing hands and rain. You can wear it anytime of the day, even the climate outdoor is not in favorable conditions.

Kospet GTO smartwatch

Kospet GTO -Wide Display, High Resolution

The Kospet GTO smartwatch has a good TFT LCD screen.equipped with a 1.4” inch display. Sharp and colorful, the display is full color, vivid graphics with 320 x 320 pixel resolution. Same as the Kospet Magic 2, seems like the wearable by Kospet goes for 320 x 320 pixel resolution, on its sport and fitness smartwatches. I think we will not see any 240 x 230 pixels anymore, and I guess, other companies will follow with their smartwatch entry.

The TFT LCD is protected by a 2.5D tempered glass with 9H hardness, it is durable from chipping and scratches. Not only does it provide protection but it also add beauty to the watch with its 2.5D glass curve.

It is Sport and Featured Pack Smartwatch

Just like the Magic 2, the wearable boast its 30 sports mode loaded to the device. Enjoy its sports function and get fit with its sport function, from walking to swimming, with 30 loaded to it, there is always a sports fit to you.

Each sport function is accompanied by heart rate, calorie and distance tracking. Below are the sports function loaded to the smartwatch.

Outdoor running , Sit-ups ,Revolving

Outdoor cycling , Walking , Basketball

Indoor cycling , Dancing , Table tennis

Treadmill , Open water , Spinning, football

Mountaineering ,Skiing , Hula hoop,

Trail running , Dumbbells , Walking machines

Elliptical machine , Triathlon , Shuttlecocks

Pilates , Aerobics , Step machines

Yoga , Jump rope , Stair sports

Billiards , Badminton , Bowling

Kospet GTO sport modes


Receive call notifications, you can decline right away on your smartwatch. The smartwatch support SMS notifications, social app notifications. Additional notifications is the alarm reminder and sedentary alert, weather alarm. It is an all day activity tracking with support for basic notifications. Additional functions included are remote capture, music player, custom screen saver, preloaded watch faces.

Hardware Specs

The Kospet GTO runs the NRF5283 chipset with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor. All are low power consumption chips, giving it a fast and smooth operation. Its heart rate monitoring is able to track 24/7 with accuracy.

Regarding the battery life, it is twice the standby time of other wearable in its category. It has 60 days of standby time and 15 days of long in normal usage.

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