Best Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Replacement Straps So far

Best Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Third Party Straps So far

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has recently introduced in the market, still looking like a Mi Band 4 but with slightly bigger size. It is a sporty lightweight smartwatch packed with sport and fitness function.

The fitness tracker is relatively new in the market, but there are already available straps in different online site for you to choose from. Different straps, different colors, materials and design. Below we compiled some of the best design for the Xiaomi Mi band 5, check it out.

Camouflage Style Strap for Mi Band 5

Available in different color combination, the camo style design is a top favorite among fitness tracker fans. The strap has a high elasticity yet durable. It is skin friendly and environmental friendly as well. You can wash it several times without any fading.


The camouflage color is available in the following color combination, camo blue, sky blue, army green, digital gray, navy blue, camo grey and camo green.

Here are some top feature of the band

Anti- deform and anti-fading

water and wear resistant

environmental friendly/skin friendly

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Bakeey Double Two Tone Strap

Go sporty with this two tone strap from Bakeey. It is one of our favorite strap for Mi Band 3 and 4. At least 7 color combinations for the Bakeey double tone strap. Pick from black +white, blue+ whoite, black+blue, black+red, gra, red+white and black+green. It is one of the best sporty strap you can have for the Mi Band 5.

Bakeey-Two-tone-straps for mi Band 5

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Mono Color Mi Band 5 Straps

If you don’t like the color of the straps that comes with the Xiaomi Mi band 5. But would love to have a simple, mono color strap. Check this fresh color watch band, replacement strap for Mi Band 5. The design of the strap is similar to the stock strap that comes with the Mi Band 5. It is available in 8 striking colors that will surely look good on your Mi Band 5.


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Translucent Mi band 5 Strap

Go for the translucent type of strap with this silicon strap for you fitness tracker. It is a high quality TPU strap that is soft and skin friendly with multi-color design. It is translucent that makes it look trendy like going back to basic. The strap is available in black, midnight blue, coffee, wine red and other attractive color.

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Printed Replacement Watch Strap for Mi Band 5

It was a popular strap for Mi band 3 and Mi Band 4. And now it is also made available for Mi band 5. Pic from animal print, retro, hip design to flower designed strap. Beautiful looking strap that suit your personality, there are a lot of colorful strap to chose from that will suit your taste.

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