Best Smartwatch for Women – Kingwear KW20

Best Smartwatch for Women – Kingwear KW20

Wearables for women are few and far in between, it’s a good thing that Kingwear introduced a new wearable for women.  It is a stylish and elegant Kingwear KW20 smartwatch form women. According to  Kingwear it is a luxury bracelet just for ladies.

Well, looking at it, the smartwatch has a stunning look. It has  a zinc alloy body with a beautiful shinny finish and available in gold and silver colors. It is slim and beautiful as well as making it durable. The minimalist body is given emphasis with its luxury looking bezel. It’s the selling factor of the KW20 smartwatch and I’m pretty sure women will love it.

Kingwear KW20

The Kingwear KW20 smartwatch has a luxurious looking shiny bezel. Adored with shiny jewels, I’m not just sure whether its artificial or real. Anyways, still it achieved that luxurious look to the wearable.

The smartwatch has an elegant body becomes more attractive with the addition of a beautiful Milanese steel strap, a steel strap is the best pick for women’s smartwatch, aside from a genuine leather strap. The screen is gorgeous, 1.04” inch IPS LCD with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It is more attractive with the curved glass screen giving it a beautiful look that makes it more eye catching.

It is a medium size wearable with a trendy design. When it comes to looks, the Kingwear KW20 smartwatch has that look and feel of a smartwatch intended for women. Of course, with all the good looks, it is nothing if it is not backed with features that is specific to women. Kingwear added  options and functions exclusive only for women. Based on the promotional images, the wearable is equipped with the following features.

Physiological Reminder – this feature can predict and remind physiological status, person and physiological cycle and predict ovulation. It is a good feature to remind women on their menstrual cycle.

Pill reminder – whether its vitamins or contraceptive pills, your watch has an option to remind you that it’s time to take your pill.

Feminine Watch Faces – at least 5 dynamic watch faces with women’s touch and feel to choose from.


The smartwatch has an auto step tracking and with all day heart monitor, view full data in the support app, available in iOS and Android. It also has multiple sport modes, it has running, walking, climbing, pingpong, cycling, swimming feature, basketball, badminton and football. See other Kingwear smartwatches

Additional functions included are push notifications, call and message reminder, alarm, health reminders such as sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, anti-lost and other  useful functions. See Full Specifications here



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