Kendall + Kylie Smartwatch – Review of Features

Kendall + Kylie Smartwatch – Review of Features

Kendall and Kylie, the controversial, celebrity, turned entrepreneur sisters got a lot of products under their name. From eyewear, bags to fashion clothes and cosmetics. And now it’s Kendall & Kylie smartwatch is pretty popular with the fan, whether a Kylie fan or a smartwatch fan. Similar to other products promoted by these two celebs, the smartwatch is simply called Kendall and Kylie. Here are the details on the features and specifications of the smartwatch.

kendall and kylie smartwatch

iTouch Kendall + Kylie Smartwatch

Design and Build Quality

In partnership with iTouch wearables, the device is a trendy fashionable wearable. A rectangular smartwatch with rose gold case and merlot strap. It’s a 36 mm case size, light and with good resistant features, an IP67 waterproof rating. The smartwatch comes with a silicon strap, but it also comes with a bonus strap.

Yes, the wearable is much elegant compared to other model of iTouch. It features a color screen display with slim bezel. The smartwatch supports touch screen, with bright and crisp colors.


Features of Kendall + Kylie Smartwatch

The smartwatch is loaded with at least 20 features, from health to sport function.

Multiple Sport Mode

If you are into sports, the smartwatch is equipped with at least 10 sports functions. Sports included are outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, running, hiking, football, tennis, gold, and basketball. Each sports function provides straps, calories, and distance.

Smart Notifications

The smartwatch has real-time notifications, receives SMS messages, with the option to read messages in the smartwatch. It also supports call notifications.

Health Functions

Kendall and Kylie smartwatch has a built-in heart rate monitoring , tracking your heart rate while working out or just doing your daily activities.  Additional health functions included are sleep monitoring, checking the deep sleep, light sleep, as well as sleep time. There is also a sedentary reminder, alerting you to move after a long period of sitting.

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Downloadable and Custom Watch Faces

For personalization, you can download additional watch faces that suit your personality. There is also a custom watch faces, you can use your own photo, or background as a watch faces.

Other Functions included

Additional features added to the smartwatch are music remote, camera remote, automatic activity tracking. There is also a connected GPS to its sports function, find phone, alarm, weather, stopwatch.

Here are some of the details on its hardware:

The case size is 36 mm, a full color screen with full touch support. It has a zinc alloy body with IP67 waterproof rating. The smartwatch supports Android 9.0 and above platform, iOS 13.0 and above. It has several days of standby time, and uses charging cable to charge the device.


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