IWO Pro DT7 Smartwatch – Review of Features

IWO Pro DT7 Smartwatch – Review of Features

Remember the DW7 Pro, and IWO 7 series 7 smartwatches? It has been regarded as the best Apple Watch 7 clone, but after the released of the Apple Watch 7, seems like the above smartwatch is far from the design of the series 7.

It is not the expected flat frame surface that has been predicted by tech experts. Instead, the series 7 is somewhat similar to Apple Watch 6. We have here the IWO Pro DT7 smartwatch, the answer to the new released series 7. Check out the details below especially the features, and specifications of the smartwatch.


Design and Build Quality

The IWO Pro D7 smartwatch has that familiar sport design, rounded edges, curved corners. It is pretty similar to the series 6. Still, it has a crown button on the side, with a rotary function. On the promotional images, we don’t see any pill shape button but we are not sure if it will be available in the final product, and was just remove to avoid any copyright complaints.

It is available in 4 colors, pick from classic black, white, blue, and pink color options. Still, it has a sporty silicon strap available in different color options. Overall body is IP68 waterproof rated, durable, and can withstand basic splashes of water, and dust. With regards to body color, the wearable has a glossy metallic finish giving the wearable somewhat a premium feel, and at the same time dustproof.

With regards to its display technology, the IWO Pro DT7 has a widescreen display. It has  a 1.8” inch TFT LCD screen, a high-definition screen display with slim bezel. From far Apple Watch 7 but still slim compared to other series 7 clones. It has a sharp resolution of 320 x 385 pixels. On top of the 1.8” inch screen is a 2.5D tempered glass that goes all the way to the edge of the wearable.


Features of IWO Pro DT7 smartwatch

Here are the following features of the smartwatch from personalization to health, sports and fitness.

7 Menu Styles

Pick from rotary, lists, bubbles, grid to name a few of the lists of menu options for DT7 smartwatch. Personalized your smartwatch with the menu of your liking. Unlike other wearables with 1 or two options for menus, the smartwatch has at least 7 menu styles.

AI Voice Assistant

It has a built-in speaker and mic, giving the wearable AI voice assistant with voice command, you can either play a song, execute calls or ask the weather status for the day.

Bluetooth Call

With its Bluetooth 5.0, the smartwatch features Bluetooth call, it is equipped with high fidelity waterproof speakers. Have a hands-free calls, sync contacts, call logs. You can initiate calls, receive or block calls in your smartwatch.

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Wireless Charging

Similar to other next-generation series 7 smartwatches, the DT7 smartwatch supports wireless charging. Just lay it on the wireless charging cradle, to quickly charge your smartwatch.

QR Code Payment

It supports QR code payment, it is bound with AliPay as well as WeChat. Easily accepts payment on your smartwatch via QR code.

Multi-Sport Mode

If you are into fitness, the smartwatch is loaded with multi-sports mode. Sports included are running, walking, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, yoga, hiking and more. It also supports GPS tracking via the app.

Health Monitoring Functions

The smartwatch is equipped with bio tracking optical sensor. Monitor your heart rate 24/7 with real time monitoring. It is also equipped with ECG monitoring, sleep monitoring as well as womens physiological health tracking.

Other Functions

breath training, stopwatch, sleep monitoring, remote music, remote photography, find phone, weather, voice assistant, preloaded watch faces and more. See product price and details at AliExpress.

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