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DZ09 smartwatch is one of the most popular affordable smartwatch, the wearable is equipped with camera, sensors as well as SIM card making it independent from smartphone see specs here. If you have one I’m pretty sure you love tweaking your smartwatch to suit your personality.

DZ09 Features

  • Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder
  • MP3 / MP4 local playback; Bluetooth music playing
  • with Sedentary reminder, Vibration, Calendar, Calculator,Clock, Stopwatch, voice recorder

For starters, there is an issue of connectivity specially for connecting your smartwatch to your smartphone, the watch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth connection, an apk is needed to be able to connect your wearable to your smartphone, this can be done by downloading an app via a link or a QR code for DZ09 smartwatch, the QR codes and APK link is listed in the DZ09 manual.


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Other topics in the smartwatch are starting Bluetooth notifications, lock and unlock the DZ09, call functions, answering a call, rejecting calls, section for featured applications using the sound player and video player as well as perform the factory settings.

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Here are the tables of contents for the DZ09 User Manual, the QR codes and APK link is listed in the DZ09 manual.

DZ09 User Manual Table of Contents

  1. About the manual
  2. Starting the device
  3. Using it as a Bluetooth device
  4. Using it as a Smartwatch Phone
  5. Box Contents
  6. Design of the device
  7. Precautions
  8. Warning against water and dust
  9. Charging the battery
  10. Off and on the DZ09
  11. Information on using the Bluetooth
  12. Connecting to the mobile device DZ09
  13. Lock and unlock the DZ09
  14. Basics
  15. Touch panel
  16. Clock
  17. Call Functions
  18. Notifications
  19. Featured Applications
  20. BTNotification

Starting BTNotification

  1. Connect a new DZ09
  2. Find DZ09

Download User Manual DZ09


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