How to Set-up/Connect Mi Band 4 Music Control [Tutorial]

How to Set-up/Connect Mi Band 4 Music Control [Tutorial]

One of the coolest function available in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the option to control the music on your smartphone, you can play pause the music right on your smartband. Yes you have now the option to play your favorite music, control it with your Mi Band 4.


The Music Control feature of the Mi Band 4 is loaded with the following options:

  • Play Your Favorite/Chose Music
  • Pause the Music
  • Forward to the next music on the list
  • Go back to the previous music on the list
  • Adjust the Volume /up/down of the audio/music

Setting Up your Mi Band 4 to control the music on your phone is easy, but still we sometimes experience issues in connecting or trying to set-up the connection between the band and the phone. If you  are having a difficulty in connecting the music control feature, well below is a tutorial to help you solve the issue that you from using this cool feature of the Mi Band 4.

Tutorial on How to Set-Up the Music Control Feature of Your Mi band 4

  1. First Turn on the Bluetooth Connectivity of your smartphone. Open your “ Mi Fit” app and synchronize/connect your Mi Band 4.

  1. After a successful connection with your “Mi Fit App”. Go to “App Alerts”. If you see Notification Service Isn’t Available” Check Mi Fit’s Permission, Tap on it to allow the Mi Fit App for notification access.
  2. A message will pop-up about allowing Mi Fit notification access, we need to activate/allow this to be able not only to receive notifications but also to allow the music feature to read and connect you the music player on your phone. Just tap “Allow” to activate.
  3. In the list of Notification Access, you will see a list of apps with notification access disabled/enabled on the list.
  4. Look for the Mi Fit app on the list and see if the option is enabled or not. If not, slide the option to allow the app to have permission for Notification Access.

How to Use the Music Option on your Mi Band 4

  1. Open the Music Player on your phone, you can play the MP3/Music right away before using the music control option on the Mi band 4, or you can do this later.
  2. Go to your Xiaomi Mi Band 4… slide to the series of options and menus and look for the “More”menu.
  3. Tap on the “More” menu option and another list of menus will be shown, look for the “Music” option. Select the menu and a simple music player will be displayed (see photos below).
  4. IF everything works perfectly, you will see the name of the song that is currently playing on your smartphone, on the screen of the Mi Band 4. If not a message strip sliding, “Phone is disconnected “and all of the button option on the player is disabled.

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