How to Pair iTech App to Smartwatch – Problems, Solutions

How to Pair iTech App to Smartwatch – Problems, Solutions

iTech wearables is one of the popular companies when it comes to affordable smartwatches in the U.S. It has several smartwatches from sports smartwatches to classic wearable.

Popular smartwatches include iTech Fusion, Fusion 2, and the iTech Jr. for kids. Regarding the support app, its smartwatches use different support app. Download the corresponding support app for your wearable. Check on the user manual for the current app. Whether it’s Fusion or Duo, Sport smartwatches. Every support app provides information on multi-sport mode, custom watch faces, sleep detection, it also supports healthy function data, as well as over the air update of the smartwatch.

Below are the steps in how to pair the iTech app with your smartwatch regardless of the model. We will also provide some few information if pairing will not work, or there is a problem with unstable connectivity/synchronization.


How to Pair iTech Smartwatch to the iTech App

  1. Sign-up/register via email, Gmail or Facebook account
  2. It will ask for a pairing process. Select the smartwatch that is compatible with the app
  3. iTech pp will ask for permissions, the following permissions are requested
  • GPS
  • Notification Permission
  1. The app will automatically search for your compatible smartwatch
  2. If it’s successful, you will see that your smartwatch is connected to the support app

iTech Fusion App Pairing

  1. Open the app, it will ask for several permissions
  • Access to your location
  • Access to Photos and Media on your Device
  • Make and manage phone calls
  1. Tap on “Add Device” to connect to your iTech Fusion Device
  2. Select your smartwatch once it appears on the Add Device Dashboard
  3. The smartwatch will automatically add smartwatch in the app

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Problems and Solution with iTech Support Apps

I Can’t Pair the smartwatch with the app

Possible Solutions:

  • Check if Bluetooth is on
  • Go to your Bluetooth settings, unpair the smartwatch from the Bluetooth connection. Then check “Forget this Device”.
  • Pair the smartwatch directly in the support app
  • Turn on the location services

iTech Smartwatch Date is not Correct?

If you successfully pair your smartwatch to the support app. The time in your wearable  will automatically updated. Make it sure that it is connected properly and synchronize the wearable.

My iTech smartwatch can’ receive notifications, what is the problem?

Check your notification permission, toggle it to on

The connection is unstable, it keeps disconnecting.

Make it sure that you have the recommended software version Download also the latest app for your device. Check the Google Play app if there is an available update.

Note: if the above solution did not work, you can ask for help at [email protected]

iTech Fusion App Download

Download the App Here:

iTech Fusion – Apps on Google Play


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