How to Install, Bind Yoho Sports App (Problems and Solutions)

How to Install, Bind Yoho Sports App (Problems and Solutions)

Here are some of the details on this popular support app for wearables, the Yoho Sports App. Available in Android and iOS platform. The support app is loaded with several features and options for the settings specifically with personalization of your smartwatch. It also supports a variety of popular social apps as well as watch faces.

What is Yoho Sports App?

On its description, the support app is a free app for smart wearable devices. Users can synchronize data from the device to the support app to provide options for data analysis. With the app, you will learn to adjust personal daily activities, health and habit.


Features and Technical Details of Yoho Sports App

  • Notifications Option and Smart Alarm
  • Find Band
  • Watch Face Display Settings
  • Firmware Update
  • Activity Monitoring Dashboard
  • Sleep Monitoring Dashboard

Category: Health and Fitness

Requires: Android 4.4 Up, Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Download Link for iOS

Download Link for Android

Downloads: Over 10 Million  Downloads Installs


How to Install and Pair Yoho Sports App

  1. Download Yoho Sports App, the application is available in iOS and Android Platform
  2. Open the app, it will ask for “Privacy Policy Agreement”, read and agree to the policy and proceed.
  3. The App will ask for the following permissions depending on the wearable
  • Device Location (GPS)
  • Access your Contacts
  • Access Photos and Media
  • Access to Storage
  • Camera
  • And other settings of your phone
  1. On your Yoho Sports Dashboard, tap on the menu located on the upper left side of the app
  2. Tap on the “Device” to add your wearable
  3. If you haven’t turned on your Bluetooth, the app will ask to turn it on, it will then automatically search for the device.
  4. Tap on the device if it appears in the search area to pair

As you can see, pairing your smartwatch or smartband with Yoh Sports support app is pretty straight forward. There will be no issues usually when your device is compatible with O.S and Bluetooth network.

If you encountered some problems connecting your device to the app, well you are not alone, some uses also encountered issues with regards to pairing. Below are some of the problems and solutions.

[TroubleShooting] Problems and Solutions with Yoho Sports App

  1. Can’t Bind the Yoho Sports App with the smartwatch
  • Try to check if your Bluetooth is turned on
  • Reinstall the App
  • Allow Permission for location services
  • Download the Updated App
  • See Compatibility of your Device to the Phone
  • Restart your Phone as well as the Smartwatch
  1. Smartwatch Appeared on the lists but will not Bind
  • Go to your Bluetooth Settings, in your phone. Check if your smartwatch is already added in the list. Tap on the smartwatch, select forget this device to remove it from the list

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  1. Unstable Connectivity
  • If your smartwatch keeps on disconnecting, then it reconnects. Check if the device is compatible with your device.
  • Download the latest app for your smartwatch
  • Update the firmware if it’s connected
  • Remove other devices that shares the Bluetooth Connection
  1. The Smartwatch will not Bind with Yoho Sports App after an update
  • Reinstall the app again, install a lower version
  1. Can’t Receive Calls and SMS notifications
  • Check your Notifications Permissions, toggle the SMS or calls as well as the chosen app to receive notifications
  • Allow the Yoho Sports App to run in the background

Checking on the issues encountered by users, the binding with the smartwatch with app is the most common issue. Usually, this is because of compatibility, as well as old firmware in the wearable. But the problem still persists after trying the above solutions. Contact the company of the wearable or try to seek the expertise of the app developer.


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