Evotron Smartwatch – EvoWatch 2.0 –Is a Phone on your Wrist

Evotron Smartwatch – EvoWatch 2.0 –Is a Phone on your Wrist

In the world of wearables, light, medium size, slim is in. It is the trend right now for wearables, especially for smartwatches. Users prefer their wearables to a bit small and light as possible. But of course, not all appreciate a small form factor smartwatch. Others would love to have a wide display screen for their smartwatch.

We have to admit, it has its own unique plus factor, having a widescreen display has several advantages, more information to display, much easier to navigate compared to a traditional size. If you are in a hunt for a wide display screen smartwatch, the EvoWatch smartwatch from Evotron might be a smartwatch to consider.

Evotron Smartwatch – EvoWatch 2.0

Design – A mini Phone with Slim Trendy Design

The EvoWatch 2.0 smartwatch has a sleek metallic body, it has a trendy look with the design looking like the latest smartphone in the market. It has two physical buttons on the side and front camera on the front for selfies or video conferencing. Available in black and silver, the smartwatch is accompanied by a sport silicon strap with stainless steel buckle. Overall, the smartwatch is IP68 waterproof rated, it is splash-proof, rainproof, and dustproof as well.

With its wide body, of course, it features a widescreen, The smartwatch has a 2.88” inch full-color OLED display screen, sharp, wide display with its 480 x 640 pixel resolution. It is a full widescreen display with touch screen support.


With its wide display screen, comes with a variety of watch faces, the Evotron smartwatch has several preloaded premium and well-designed watch faces for your smartwatch.

The wearable runs the Android 7.1 Nougat, with the latest operating system, comes a variety of features. With its built-in mic and speaker, the smartwatch support voice assistant. You can use Google assistant to command or asking something.


4G Connectivity

With its nano SIM support, the wearable features 3G/4G connectivity. You can connect to the web independently without the need of your phone. You can browse the web, dial calls, send messages right on your smartwatch.

Running the latest operating system, has a sports mode, with support for built-in GPS. You can have a map trajectory of your outdoor workout or other outdoor activities.

Additional functions included are remote camera, music player, weather forecast, alarm,  sleep monitoring, calendar, sedentary reminder, anti-lost, and more.


You can also take pictures and videos with its built-in 5 MP camera, it’s not that high end compared to the camera of your smartphone but it’s a welcome feature on this new smartwatch from EvoWatch.


Hardware Specifications of Evotron Evowatch 2.0 Smartwatch

The smartwatch runs the MediaTek MTK6739 processor and powered by the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. There are two options for its memory, 16 or 32 GB Of storage space and 1 or 3 GB of RAM. Sensors and functions included are g-sensor, heart rate monitor, GPS.

Connectivity included are Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI, and 3G/4G connectivity. When it comes to battery life, the smartwatch has unbelievable battery capacity. It has 2700 mAh battery with 7 days of battery life.



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