Dwatch Smartwatch – Review of Features, Worth Buying?

Dwatch Smartwatch – Review of Features

Sporty , Light and Trendy, this is the Dwatch Smartwatch, The wearable has a sporty design, having a rectangular design with curved edges, it has a sporty silicon strap with design similar to sport Apple Watch strap. The smartwatch has a lightweight aluminum body making it light as well as durable.

Aside from being durable, the smartwatch is also waterproof, it has an IP67 waterproof rating, it is splash proof, wash proof. The wearable looks good enough, sporty and with simple with clean design. And it is available in either black, white or pink colors.

Its display screen is a 1.3” inch HD screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It is a full color screen display with full touch screen operation. And protected by a 2.5D tempered glass screen that is durable as well as scratch proof.

Health Functions

The smartwatch might be simple but it is packed with health and fitness functions. According to promotional article published about the Dwatch smartwatch, the wearable has a heart rate monitoring function, it also has blood pressure monitoring and ECG monitoring. It can monitor your health stats 24/7 with graphs and stats for additional information. It says that it can provide accurate reading of your vital stats, but if you are going to ask me, I’m not going to rely on its accuracy. I think you can just have it as a means of reference but not really as a source for diagnosing.

The smartwatch has automatic activity tracking having a step and calorie intake counter and distance counter. It also has a dedicated page for its sporty and fitness. Some of the additional basic health functions are sedentary reminder, alerting you to move/stand if you have been sitting for too long. There is also sleep monitoring, providing you insight on your sleep habit.


Real Time Messages

Get alerted instantly with its notifications. Whether its messages, calls, get a real-time notifications. Don’t miss any important messages, with the Bluetooth connection to the smartphone, receive important messages right away. It also supports social app messages such Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and more.

Additional Functions included in the Dwatch Smartwatch

With its Bluetooth function, you can control the camera of your phone with your watch. Play, stop, forward to the favorite music on your smartphone with Bluetooth music control. Keep your phone or smartwatch safe with its anti-lost features. Of course, it got the basics such as alarm, timer, preloaded watch faces and brightness settings in the wearable.

Our Initial Review of the Dwatch Smartwatch

With regards to its specs and features, it got the basic that we see in other wearables. With regards to the price, $49.99 USD each, it is not far from the pricing of other smartwatches with the same features and specs. What I’m concerned about is the accuracy of its sensors, which is based on our experienced with other smartwatches with similar design is a bit off. Anyways, its up to you if the smartwatch suits your taste. Just take note, that read more details first about the wearable, especially on the review before getting one.

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