Cubot F1 smartwatch Review – the Outdoor Fitness Smartwatch that you Need

We are lucky to have this new smartwatch from Cubot, the “Cubot F1“, the device do have some pretty nice features and specs, we are able to review and test it and so far here are our insights on this new wearable from Cubot.


The design look and  the overall look of the Cubot F1 is certainly built for outdoor. Its body is a combination of TPU and aluminium alloy material, looking at it, the smartwatch reminds me of one of the entry of Garmin for wearables.

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It is durable based on my several weeks of usage, its dustproof and waterproof with five physical buttons on the side for operating the device and on its bottom is an elevated heart rate monitor. The smartwatch has a TPU strap that is soft wand has a breathable style with stainless steel buckle. The smartwatch is a bit heavy, but its manageable, its compact design and weight feels premium.


The Cubot F1 employ a monochromatic display, it might not attract fans who would prefer a colored screen, but if you are going to think about it, the screen of Cubot F1 is more of an advantage than a downside for the F1. The smartwatch uses an FSIN display, a 1.2” inch screen, that is always on, it has a good viewing angle and clearly readable even in direct sunlight. At night, you can press the light button to activate the backlight, it is also a power saving screen adding more juice to your battery.


This outdoor smartwatch is powered by a low power consumption Nordic chip, known for being a power saver. Sensors include 6 axis accelerometer and gyroscope for pedometer, a heart rate monitor with the option to be dynamic (can be set on the app). It is connected to your smartphone via its Bluetooth 4.0 and so far I found it easy to sync and connect it to the support app.

On its hardware sensors, it focuses more on walking, running and cycling and with the aid of phones (connected GPS) it can provide you a more accurate results of your activity plus with MAP trajectory that is available right on the support app.


Aside from walking, running and connected GPS, the smartwatch also features call and SMS notifications, receive call notifications, with the messages, you can check and read the content of your messages right on your smartwatch. So far, Cubot F1 can store several messages on the device with the option to delete the content or not.

Other smart features available in Cubot F1 are stop watch, sedentary reminder, remote control for camera. With the remote control for camera, you need to open the app first (which is tedious) and activate the built-in camera of the app, the smartwatch automatically sets to camera mode and use its button to take photos.

Additional options are sleep monitoring which is pretty nice as it automatically tracks your sleeping pattern, unlike other smartwatches that you have to manually activate the sleep monitor option before you sleep, the smartwatch Cubot F1 does it in auto-mode. See full specifications of the Cubot F1

Support App

It is one of the highlight of Cubot F1, the smartwatch is using its own support app which is pretty cool I think, while most of the affordable smartwatch rely on third party app such as Fundo Wear, HPlus or Xwatch, the F1 has its own app available for download in iOS and Android platform.  The support app “Cubot Sport” is not that sophisticated compared to the likes of popular wearable like that of Gear series, Fitbit or Garmin. But it provides all the data that you need on your Cubot F1, it has the settings that you need to set your F1 to your liking and use the smartwatch on its full potential.

Options include in the smartwatch are:

  • Option to set the Health target
  • Remote Control Picturing
  • Set Additional Reminder such sedentary and water drinking as well as social apps
  • Find Bracelet


Due to the power saving nature of its processor and screen display, the Cubot F1 is able to last for several weeks, based on our test. It is one of the aspect of Cubot F1 that makes it an ideal smartwatch outdoors. If you want to track your steps and you will be outdoors for several days, and charging your smartwatch is not an option, this smartwatch is the one to pick. It has 240 mAh Lithium polymer battery which we are able to charge it fast using its POGO pin magnetic absorption charging cable.


When it comes to the design and durability, the Cubot F1 I think is one of the best in the market of affordable smartwatches, it feels solid and premium and the overall design, the build is built for outdoors. I love the screen display, it might not be a fancy colour screen but it’s an always on display providing you time 24/7 and works even better outside in direct sunlight. The smartwatch is great and provided what I needed such as step counter and heart rate monitor and so far works as expected.

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