Blumelody Smartwatch /Fitness Tracker with Thermometer

Blumelody Smartwatch /Fitness Tracker with Thermometer

Check this new wearable that we spotted online, a fitness tracker but marketed as a smartwatch. It is fully loaded with functions and features similar to the smartwatch. The Blumelody smartwatch, or shall we say Bluemelody fitness tracker, it has a sporty slim design slightly curved body with a sporty silicone strap. Its body is PC material with a 316L metal strip on the side of the body.

It looks trendy and it seems like it is comfortable to wear. Based on the promotional images, the smartwatch has a direct USB charging method, just pull the straps that serve as its cover, it will expose the USB-A connector ready for charging. No need for a charging cable to charge the smartwatch. Its 90 mAh battery can last up to 5 days in just a single charge, around 1.5 hours is the charging time for the smartwatch.


The wearable has a rectangular screen display, it has a 0.96″ inch touch screen operation. It is a full-color screen display, with sharp, crisp color screen. But one of the main features of the Blumelody smartwatch is the thermometer function, it has a real-time body temperature monitoring. The function thermometer can provide details in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The wearable has also a heart rate sensor as well as blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring. It can monitor the body stats, and its graphs and details are available in the support app.

For its fitness functions, the smartwatch has automatic activity tracking, it tracks the steps, distance, as well as calories, burned. The wearable also has multi-sport mode, it has running, cycling and skipping, and more.

It also supports push notifications, it has SMS and SNS support, the smartwatch also supports incoming calls, social apps supported are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Additional functions included are, Alarm Reminder, Shake and Take Photo, Sedentary Reminder, Search Mobile Phone.


So far, it looks sporty, trendy looking smartwatch with a lightweight design. Charging the smartband is also easy with its direct charging method. The Blumelody smartwatch has a sports function, push messaging support, as well as health functions. The screen is also good having a 0.96” inch LCD screen with full touch screen support. Looks OK, and seems like it’s a popular wearable for fitness and health fans.

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