BingoFit smartwatch – Sport, Premium – What is your Pick?

BingoFit smartwatch – Sport, Premium – What is your Pick?

Bingofit, the company with several wearables in its product line-up including accessories such as replacement straps and charging cable. So far, there are at least 2 wearables in the smartwatch category.

A circular design, the model BingoFit SW206 US, and the rectangular smartwatch model SW207 US. Both are sporty, and with a premium look. But before we check on the features of both smartwatches, let’s check the design first.

The BingoFit Smartwatch SW206 model has a sporty/outdoor design. It has a metal body, with two physical buttons on the side. The wearable has a sporty silicon strap with metal enclosure. The smartwatch has a good bezel design having a chronotype design that is slim. Overall body is IP67 waterproof rated, it is splash-proof, and dustproof as well. The smartwatch has a full circular color screen display, it has a 1.3” inch TFT LCD with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It is sharp, clear and with crisp graphics, based on its specs, the smartwatch support full touch screen operation.

With regards to the rectangular design, the SW207 has a metal body also with a single physical button. Just below it is a unique function exclusive to the rectangular model. It has a flashlight function on the side, there is a small LED light that is pretty useful. When it comes to screen display, it has a much wider screen, having a 1.54” inch TFT LCD screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution, just like the circular version, the smartwatch has a full touch screen operation. The full-color screen is protected by a 2.5D tempered glass screen, it looks trendy with crystal clear clarity. The smartwatch is accompanied by a sporty silicon strap with a unique design, and with a stainless steel buckle.


Features of Bingofit Smartwatch SW206

The Bingofit Smartwatch model SW206 is marketed as a sports smartwatch. With this, the wearable is loaded with at least 23 workout modes. Some of the sports modes included are badminton, tennis, table tennis, rope skipping baseball yoga, cycling, running, hiking, football, soccer, ballet, basketball, and more.

Health functions included in the device are heart rate monitoring, it also has blood pressure monitoring for its health stats monitoring. It has a built-in VC31 heart rate chip with real-time monitoring, providing precise, fast results. The smartwatch is also loaded with sleep monitoring, with all the professional data analysis available in the support app.

Check the Bingofit Smartwatch SW206

Additional functions added to the SW206 are preloaded watch faces, at least several good design, premium looking watch faces. Additional functions included are, shake to take photographs, find band, alarm, do not disturb mode, sedentary alert. Very useful functions included are sleep monitoring, weather alert.


Features of Bingofit Smartwatch SW207

Similar to the SW206 smartwatch, the SW207 version is loaded with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, it also has sports monitoring, but unlike the SW206, the smartwatch has only a few sports monitoring. Sports included in the device are real time monitoring sports data are walking, running, hiking, cycling, basketball, and badminton. Each sports function might be included with step tracking, calorie as well as distance traveled.

Other functions included in the device are sedentary reminder, remote control for camera, music control, alarm clock, stopwatch, drink water reminding, and more. There is also call and message reminder, with the option to decline calls. It also supports social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedln and more.

Our Take on these Smartwatches

So far both smartwatches do have great design, they look both premium but different in functionality. The circular smartwatch is geared more for sports, while the rectangular smartwatch is ideal for casual/corporate look. It depends on what you need, if you are looking for a wearable for sports, the BingoFit smartwatch model SW206 is a good pick. But if you want a smartwatch for office or just want a casual look, but you can still use the device for fitness and health, the SW207 is a good pick.

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