Best Smartwatch and Smartband with Thermometer 2021

Best Smartwatch and Smartband with Thermometer 2021

In today’s world, health is wealth, it is our primary concern. The good thing is now have the tools and technology to improve our health, our way of life. With the threat of various diseases including the dangerous and invisible enemy COVID-19.

Right now, digital thermometer becomes a necessity, you can either use the traditional type which takes time by the way to check your temperature or the infrared thermometer which is twice as fast but cost too much. But the problem is, you can’t just bring it anywhere you go. It is a good thing that we have wearables right now that is integrated with body temperature sensor.

Well, we have here several smartband and smartwatches with body temperature sensor and so far here are the few wearables with this functionality. I think its the rise of new generation of wearables, with the thermometer function whether its a smartband or smartwatches.

Bakeey T1 Smartband

One of the latest smartband with thermometer, Bakeey T1 smartband. The wearable has a health sensor for detecting body temperature. It has a metal plate on the front where is can take your body temperature fast. Aside from the thermometer sensor, it also has an ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, its an all in one fitness and health smartband with sporty look.

Bakeey T1

The fitness smartband has a 1.14” inch TFT LCD display, it is a full color screen with sharp and bright screen. Read our review here. It has the basic functions such as call and message notifications, social app notifications, sleep and sedentary reminder, alarm, Bluetooth music and more.

Basic Specifications below:

Display: 1.4″ inch TFT LCD

Sensors: thermometer, Blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, ECG

Battery: 90 mAh battery with standby time of about 7 days and normal usage time of about 7 days.

TICWRIS GTS Smartwatch

Its the latest and one of the best smartwatch equipped with thermometer. The smartwatch has a built-in thermometer (Thermistor sensor) with fast reading, according to its specs, it can detect your body temperature in just 10 seconds only. It has a high end temperature measurement.

Ticwris GTS Smartwatch

It is also equipped with HRS3300 HR sensor for heart rate detection, it also includes with blood pressure monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring.

When it comes to the design, the smartwatch is equipped with a 1.3” inch IPS LCD display screen protected by a 4D curved glass screen display. The smartwatch got the basic functions such as call and message notifications, 7 sports mode and other useful functions. The TICWRIS GTS smartwatch has 160 mAh lithium polymer battery with 20 days of standby time and 5 days of normal usage.

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Basic Specifications

Processor: Nordic nRF52832 processor
Display: 1.3″ inch TFT LCD
Sensors:Gravity sensor, step sensor, heart rate sensor (HRS3300), temperature monitoring device (thermistor)
Battery:160 mAh lithium polymer battery with up to 20 days of standby time.

T01 Smartwatch

One of the first smartwatch to be equipped with thermometer. It has a sporty oval like body and oval display. The T01 smartwatch has a metal sensor on top of the screen making it easy to check for your body temperature.

T01 smartwatch with thermometer

Just raise your wrist and touch the metal plate on your forehead to check for your body temperature. Aside from thermometer, it is also equipped with heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor as well as an ECG feature.

The T01 smartwatch has a 1.2” inch TFT LCD display with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It has a full color display with full touch screen operation. Additional functions included are calls, SMS, social apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. There is also an auto-step tracking with distance and calorie counter. It is also equipped with multi-sport mode and more.

Basic Specifications

Display: 1.2” inch TFT LCD
Processor: Nordic nfR52832 processor

Sensors: ECG Sensor T1-127X, Triaxial Sensor BST-BMH253

Battery: 230 mAh, 6 days of battery life

W58 Pro Smartwatch

W58 Pro smartwatch, a wearable with an Apple Watch look. According to its specs, the smartwatch has a 24 hours temperature monitoring. Your body temperature is detected by artificial intelligence algorithm and analyzed scientifically. It is also boast its intelligent immunity monitoring, monitoring your health. This includes real time HR, sleep quality to provide accurate analysis.

Smartwatch with thermometer

It say that it has a 24 hour temperature monitoring, but I’m not sure if how the it is able to detect your body temperature.

The smartwatch has an Apple watch look alike, it has a 1.3” inch IPS LCD with full color screen. It is protected by a 2.5D super large curved surface glass, that is scratch proof and with crystal clear transparency. The smartwatch has an ultra light aluminum body making it lightweight and durable as well.

It also features an always on display, with its dark screen mode. Additional functions included are, preloaded apps, call, message notifications, social app notifications, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder.

Basic Specifications

Display: 1.3” inch TFT LCD

Sensors: g-sensor, 3 axis sensors

Battery: 170 mAh lithium polymer battery

T02 Smartband

Correct me if I’m wrong, I think its the first fitness tracker to be equipped with body temperature. The fitness tracker has an obvious body temperature sensor on the bottom of the screen. Just use the band to track your body temp. Just touch the sensor to your forehead to check, according to its specs, it is able to check your forehead in just 20 seconds, its a medical grade body temperature.

T02 Smartband

Aside from thermometer, the smartband has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor as well as an ECG monitor.

The T02 smartband has a sporty design, a 0.96” inch IPS LCD screen display with 160 x 80 pixel resolution. It has a full color display screen with touch screen method of operation. The To2 Smartband has a sporty lightweight design with two tone color sporty silicon strap. The overall body is IP68 waterproof, its OK if you wear it while washing your hands, taking a bath or swimming.

It features multiple sport modes, call and message notifications with call rejection option, remote control for camera, weather forecast and more.

Basic Specifications

Display: 0.96” inch IPS LCD display

Processor: nrF52832 processor

Sensors: HR sensor, blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG and thermometer

Battery: 120 mAh large capacity batteyr, 5 working days

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