Bakeey T1 Smartband – Features Thermometer and ECG Sensor

Bakeey T1 Smartband – Features Thermometer and ECG Sensor

The wearable right now in the market is becoming an all in one health monitoring device. Although it is far from accuracy offered by high end medical device, still this sensors are a good addition to wearables. Paving the way to the next generation of devices with health and fitness sensors.

Bakeey T1 Smartband

One of the device integrated with this new health sensor is the Bakeey T1 smartband. Its a fitness tracker with sporty design, loaded with health sensors. Weighing just 25 grams, the smartwaatch has a trendy sporty design with sort of a medical look. The PC material gives it a durable and lightweight body and its food grade silicon strap gives it a comfortable feel and hypo-allergenic material that is suited to any skin types.

With regards to the displays screen, the wearable has a 1.14” inch TFT LCD display with sharp, vivid colors. It is a full color screen with 135 x 240 pixel resolution.

Health and Fitness Features


One of the main feature of the Bakeey T1, is the function to take your body temperature. The smartwatch has a metal plate on the front that can take your body temperature fast. You can also sued your smartband to take temperature on your forehead for more accurate results.

Bakeey T1 Smartband


With the combination of PPG measurements, the ECG sensor can monitor your ECG fast and much more accurately. Again the ECG taken is used as a reference only and if you want to have an accurate results, a medical grade sensors with doctors supervision is recommended.

Bakeey T1 Smartband

Blood Pressure Measurement and Blood Oxygen Measurements

These two health functions, uses the AFE Ti4900 infrared light measurement blood oxygen. Check you systolic, diastolic fast with Bakeey T1 smartwatch blood oxygen monitoring. For complete details, you can check the stats on the support app.

Heart Rate measurements

Of course, it got the basic HR monitoring, check your HR every now and then. The heart rate monitoring also shows you the status of your HR with details during an exercise.

Other Functions

Aside from above health functions, the smartwatch has auto step tracking with calorie and distance tracking. It also has call and message notifications, social app support such as QQ, WeChat, Weibo, Facebook and more. The Bakeey T1 also supports multiple sports mode, walking, running, cycling, climbing, basketball, football and other popular sports. It also has sleep monitoring, alarm, remote photography, Bluetooth music.

Based on its specs, the wearable has 90 mAh battery with standby time of about 7 days and normal usage time of about 7 days.

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