Best Apps for Galaxy Watch 3 Smartwatch (Compatible Apps 2020)

Best Apps for Galaxy Watch 3 Smartwatch (Compatible Apps 2020)

I think its fitness, saving next smartwatch will be called Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. If you are wondering why Samsung skip the Galaxy Watch 2 version, well we also wonder either. We just don’t know the rules of Samsung on naming conventions, anyways what we are after is the features as well as its upgraded specifications.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is available in 41 mm which usually a smartwatch for person with smaller wrist, 45 mm for hose who prefer a bigger size. Preliminary specs suggest that the device is full waterproof up to 50 meters. It sport a Gorilla Glass XD protection, an LTE version is also available.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch will still run the Tizen wearable operating system. And as we all know, Tizen platform is getting richer with popular and premium apps free and paid apps.

Categories included in Tizen app store are health and fitness, games, social media, entertainment, utilities. There is also a special section for watch faces and fonts.

If you are wondering of what are some of the premium apps in health and fitness, here are some. Galaxy store includes Strava, Run with Map my Run, Endomondo and more. For utilities we have News Briefing, Wrist camera, weather, Launch Manager.

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With the continuous update and popularity of smartwatches by Samsung running Tizen OS, expect that more popular apps will be available for download.

What are the Best Compatible Apps for Galaxy Watch 3?

Translator App by SOMYAC

Translator app

A pretty useful app from Somyac. Translator app for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Active 3. The app can translate up to over 100 languages. The latest update added new languages, improvement on the voice input as well as adding bezel gesture with volume control. Features included are voice input, there is also a manual text input, history list, conversation mode and more.

Download the app here

Strava App – Run, Walk, Ride

Strava app

One of our favorite app for health and fitness. The app has a very simple UI, it is easy to use and with a lot of options. With the Strava app, you can record your activity whether you are indoor or outdoor, walking, running or cycling. Statistics provided by the app are distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. Get fit and healthy with the Strava for your Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch.

Download the app here

Spotify app for Galaxy Watch 3

Still our favorite music app for Samsung wearables. I guess the Spotify don’t need too much introduction as the app is the leading app for music on smartphone. The app provide music streaming directly n your smartwatch. You can search , track, organize your favorite music directly from your device. Other option in the smartwatch includes play, pause, repeat the chose music.

Download the app here

News Briefing

Get the latest news on your smartwatch with this magazine app. The Flipboard app provides you with the latest app on world news, science, technology, sports and health. It is compatible with most Samsung wearables it is also compatible with your Galaxy Watch 3. The app don’t shows you the entire information but provide a great summary in order for you to get what the information is all about before your read further.

Download the app here

Wrist Camera app

One of the best app for controlling the camera on your smartphone. Wrist Camera, an app loaded with tons of features. Very easy to use UI, and with fast response time. The app provide a preview of what is about to be captured. A live preview right on the screen of your smartwatch. The app supports gesture via rotating bezel like zooming in and zooming out. Set the flash settings as well and the brightness. You can also use the smartwatch to activate the smartwatch camera to record a video.

Wrist Camera app

Download the app here

Samsung Internet For Galaxy Watch

There are other web browser for Galaxy Watch, but I think this is the de facto standard browser for Samsung wearables. With this app you can browser the web right on your smartwatch. The browser is equipped with a lot of features such as pinch and zoom to read the information. Other options included in the app are quick bookmarking, bookmark option. For easy search of information, the Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch supports voice input as well as text input. There is also an option to add a widget on the home screen of the smartwatch.

Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch

Download the app here

Calculator app

I think it is a must have app for every smartwatch, calculator. You will never know the time that you will need to calculate big numbers. Yes, you have one in your smartphone but if you want a fast access, you might want to have this. Install it in your smartwatch. The app is free to download right from Galaxy Store utilities category.

HereWe Go App

It is one of our favorite navigation app for wearables, specifically Galaxy Watch series HereWe Go app. The app is full featured turn by turn navigation for smartwatches. Download the app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and have a clear, first voice guidance on your travel.

The smartwatch display clear, information on the display screen with distance and other data regarding your location and direction. You can also check a small map trajectory on the screen of your smartwatch for more details.

Download the app here

SmartThings App

This app is very useful for those who have devices that are included in the SmartThings Eco Systems. With the app in your smartwatch, everything is just a wrist away. The SmartThings can control different devices that are SmartThings compatible, download it in your smartwatch and do that James Bong thing.

best app for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The SmartThings app has tons of supported devices such as TV, light bulbs, Smart Plug, Refrigerator, Air condition and more. Control connected devices in your home with SmartThings. Make your home smart with SmartThings app.

Download the app here

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