Best Camera Remote App for Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Gear

Best Camera Remote App for Galaxy Watch Active 2

Don’t get left out in photo ops. If you use your smartphone to take photos, be included in the picture by using this cool app for your smartwatch. Take control of the camera on your smartphone and be included in that memorable moments.

Impressed your friends with these great camera remote apps for Galaxy Watch Active/Active 2, it is also compatible with Gear series smartwatches.

Pick and download from these cool apps, each apps have its own pros and cons. Before downloading, check first for its features that you might need. Some apps has simple options and UI while others do have additional features besides remote control.

Camera One

Download the Camera One by Alex Rokhlov. Camera One app a full featured camera remote app for your smartwatch. The app features photo and video capture from your smartwatch.

Camera One app for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

It can control the camera of either rear or front camera. Smart features includes, the smart use of bezel. With the bezel you can either zoom, flash, set the settings of exposure, WB, filters and HDR settings. Additional functions included in the smartwatch includes choosing video size, customizable home button action, set timer and option to save files on SD card.

The premium app has the option to take photo by turning the wrist. Download this fully featured app for your Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Download the app here

Camera Pro – Remote Control for Samsung Watch

Simple, lightweight camera app for your Samsung Galaxy Watch, Camera Pro app. Easily control the camera of your smartphone from your smartwatch. Easy take photos, and see it first before you capture a photo. The Camera Pro streams the image of the smartphone to the display screen of your smartwatch with its live preview.

Camera Remote Pro

Features includes an option to adjust the white balance, HDR and camera sounds, brightness, switch camera front and back.

Download the app here

Wrist Camera

Here is a simple and easy to use camera app for your smartwatch. It also features camera preview on your smartwatch. It has a good UI and features a lot of options.

Wrist Camera app

This Wrist Camera features timer for taking photos. There is also an option to switch between two cameras, front and rear camera. Additional function included is an option to record video remotely. You can also use the bezel to zoom in and zoom out, change flash and set brightness.

Download the app here

Clickr Camera App

Another good camera app for your Galaxy Watch Active. Clickr Camera via Bluetooth without the need of an additional app. Features included are controlling your iPhone from your smartwatch. Joystick mode available only so far in Galaxy devices and selected Android phone. It is a remote camera mode features timer, burst capture or recording a short video.

Clickr Camera app for SAmsung Gear and Galaxy Watch Active

It’s a cool camera app for your smartwatch with multiple phone support, it also support any camera app.

Download the app here





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