Best Animated Watch Faces  for Mi  Band 4 Smartband

Best Animated Watch Faces  for Mi  Band 4 Smartband

Here at, we already discussed several cool watch faces for Mi band 4. Watch faces includes analog to digital designs, a custom watch faces developed by creative wearable fans.  And now we are back again with new cool watch faces for the Xiaomi Mi band 4 smartband.

This time we are going to feature some of the best animated watch faces available for Mi band 4. So far, there are only few animated watch faces available for the Mi Band 4, but we expect that there will more watch faces that will be added soon.

Well, here are some of the best and the coolest animated watch faces for Xiaomi Mi band 4. Check it out and download your favourite animated watch faces for the latest smartband by Xiaomi.

Best Animated Watch Faces for Mi Band 4 Smartband

Pip Boy Fallout Watch Face

When it comes to classic animated watch faces, nothing beats the classic Pip Boy Fallout 3000 watch face, although it has a very simple animation, a Pip Boy character walking, still, it has a cool vibe to it.

This watch face has been replicated over and over again to different platforms and smartwatch brand. From Apple watch to Galaxy watch to Android based wearables. There are a lot of version for Pip Boy watch face that you can download, check out the link below.

Details on the watch face: HR monitor, days of the week, step counter, distance counter, date, battery charge.

Spider Man watch face

Cute and cool, spiderman hanging from his web. This web slinger will surely get someones attention. Simple animation yet nice design and a Spiderman or Marvel fan will love this to be added in their collection.

Details on the Watch Face:

Battery Charge, Date, Day of the wekk, step counter, battery charge

Mario Watch Face (Animated)

Download this Mario watch face, a Mario character trying to peek on. It is also a cool character with high resolution graphics/character.

Details on the Watch Face: Battery Status, Step counter, Day of the week, Date

G-Shock/G-Sock Watch Face

Not the official G-shock watch face for Mi band 4, but still we are loving it. Available in different languages, this watch face has a cool sporty look to it. It has only a simple animation, a circular radar type animated graphics, the scanning simulation is repetitive.

The smartwatch has a good vibe to it, manly and sporty that any G-Shock would love.Take note, there is a version named G-Sock, but has a similar design, maybe intentionally change to avoid issues with the copyright infringement of the name from the well known brand.

Details on the Watch Face: Battery Status, Days of the week, date, calorie, step counter, distance and pulse.

Café Bunny

I guess this is for the ladies, a watch face with a touch of feminine. Cute and sweet bunny, animate with a soft pleasing to the eye background.The watch face is beautiful but the only drawback with it is that it’s available only in 24 hour format for the time.

Details on the Watch face: Battery charge, step counter, days of the week, date

Rick and Morty

Funny and cute and at the same time, a unique watch face for Xiaomi Mi band 4. You can see an animation, Morty character walking in front of Rick while yawning. It’s a cool  watch face with Rick and Morty animation.

Details on the Watch Face: Date, battery, distance and steps

If you want to download the above watch faces, feel free to download or visit the following website, it has a comprehensive list of watch faces available for Mi Band 4.

MiBand4 App – Watch Face for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 by Rokitskiy.DEV (Available at Google Play Store) – Mi Band 4 Section

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