Amazon Smart Watch Raffle and Quiz Giveaway Scam or Not?

Amazon Smart Watch Raffle and Giveaway Scam or Not?

Amazon has a program for retailers to gather fans and promote their brand with the Amazon Prime Day Giveaway program, sort of a raffle contest on the Amazon platform. Several shopping sites are already implementing these strategies such as Aliexpress and Shopee to allow sellers to promote their brand.

The raffle is available in the Amazon App and it is exclusive only for the products that are sold on Amazon for less than $5,000 U.S dollars. Someone messages us and asked us about the legitimacy of the program. Well, we search about the contest, and so far seems like the giveaway is legit, and it run by the companies that promote the product. Again, it is not exclusive to wearables, there are tons of products that are offered for giveaways.

For the wearable section, we still haven’t a bit of luck on it to actually participated in Amazon smart watch giveaway, not yet. If you are interested, the overall contest is exclusive only in the U.S resident. I think it is a legit program as the giveaway is being done on Amazon page, and no monetary is involve in the contest, it is totally FREE. Well, the question is, will the winner receive the product? Yes, so far there are no reported scamming issue with the program, if you have any more queries please check the Amazon FAQ center for the giveaway.

Setup a GiveAway for your Products

If you have a product section in Amazon you can also set-up your own giveaway to promote your brand. Check the Seller, Advertising section for more information on how to set-up a giveaway.

Amazon Quiz Contest

There is also an Amazon Quiz but seems like it is exclusive only in India. Unlike the giveaway where you don’t have to do much to win something. The Amazon Quiz let you answer several questions to win a prize. Products to win is available every day, ranging from smartphones, smartwatch to other electronic devices. Just like the Prime Day Giveaway, it is exclusive in the app only.


In the quiz, there are at least 5 questions asked and in each question, there are at least 4 options. Answer all the questions correctly and you will be included in the raffle. It is a fun giveaway, where you will not only win something but also learn at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Giveaways

Is the Amazon Prime Day Giveaway legit?

Yes, it is a program held by Amazon for retailers to promote their brand

Amazon Smart Watch Raffle and Giveaway Scam or Not?

No, the contest is legit, if its in the Amazon Prime Day or Amazon Quiz program. But take note not everday there will be giveaway for smartwatches and other wearables.

How to join the Giveaway?

Check the link above to find out the way on how to join the program

Do you have to pay anything to join the Amazon Giveaway?

No, everything is free!

Take Note: If you received an email regarding a contest and that you won something. And if you did not join anything, please be reminded that it is certainly a SCAM. Please don’t click the link or subscribe to anything that it offers. It might be a phishing scam or hacking attempt.


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