Amazfit Smartwatch is this the Xiaomi’s Smartwatch?

Yesterday we wrote about the possible unveiling of XIAOMI’s smartwatch, there are reports that XIAOMI’s smartwatch might be the Amazfit, and the smartwatch is developed by HUAMI.


The question is what is the relation of XIAOMI’s smartwatch with HUAMI? The company HUAMI in partnership with XIAOMI developed and marketed XIAOMI’s Mi bands. The partnership was successful as XIAOMI was able to penetrate the market easily with its XIAOMI Mi band series.

Going back with Amazfit, the watch has already been certified by the CCC, (not the Amazfit bracelet) the certification shows that the smartwatch do have several features that you can see on some of the leading smartwatches, it has Bluetooth connectivity, built-in storage, audio playback, sources says that Amazfit is the XIAOMI’s upcoming smartwatch.


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