No.1 Unveils No.1 F5 Smartband with Built-In GPS + 25 Days of Standby Time

Our favourite smartwaatch and smartband company is in the roll again, bringing new and exciting wearbles in the market. After the featured pack No.1 F4 smartband (read our review). No.1 brings a fresh design to its smartband line-up, introducing the No.1 F5 Smartband. If you noticed on the images published by No.1, you might ask, is it a smartband or a smartwatch? I think it is a mixed of both, a smartwatch on the outside, on its design, while it is a smartband on the inside, a fitness tracker on its features.

Whether it is called a smartband or a smartwatch, one thing is for sure, based on the images of No.1 F5, it is a beautiful looking wearable. It looks like it’s a baby brother of the upcoming No.1 G9 smartwatch, it looks rugged/sporty smartwatch.

The No.1 F5 has a circular display, a colored screen with a simple fitness and health focus UI similar to that of the No.1 G8. I’m not sure whether it has a touch screen interface or not,  but it is possible that is similar to G8 with a physical button on the side, a power button and navigation button with a touch screen operation.

Just like the G8, it has a removable strap and comes with a two toned strap with a classic strap buckle. It is also IP67 waterproof , a must for a sport and fitness tracker wearable.

No.1 Did not detailed much on its specs, but provided some notable features of the smartband such as a built-in GPS, which is a must in a fitness tracker, a real time temperature, altitude and pressure options. It also has a multi-mode features, running, walking, hiking and biking. Additional fitness features are heart rate monitor, distance counter, calorie counter and has a 25 days of standby time.

So far, no details on when will be the release date of the No.1 F5 or the partnered shopping site where the No.1 F5 will be available. Stay tuned as we bring you more information on the No.1 F5 smartband.

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