Microwear L1 – Simply Sporty Multi-Function Smartwatch

We tackled here the two Android smartwatch by Microwear, the Microwear H1 and the Microwear H2. Both are good smartwatches and with SIM functionality and loaded with different features that you will love to have to an Android smartwatch.

Here is another smartwatch phone with a much similar approach, Microwear L1 smartwatch, a wearable with a simple sporty look and with GPS functionality.

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Design and Display

With steel body and a TPU sport strap, the Microwear L1, brings new wearable offering in the market. It has a slim bezel with tick marks, makes the smartwatch looks more professional. Unlike other smartwatches right now that is locked in black and silver color only, the Microwear L1 is available in black, silver, rose gold and red variant.

There is also a 0.3 MP camera on the side of the body which is not that very obvious blending it with the design of the smartwatch. Regarding the display, the smartwatch has a 1.3 inch LCD touch screen, 240 x 240 pixels resolution.

Based on the rendered images of the smartwatch, the device looks good; obviously it is a well-designed smartwatch, a sporty looking smartwatch from Microwear.

Fitness and Other Features

Running the processor MTK2503, the Microwear L1, is powered by proprietary software with its own unique UI and sport features.  The optimized OS is able to run in a 32MB of memory and 128 MB of ROM only. The smartwatch features an MP3 player, and if you are worried about the internal memory that is 128 MB only, don’t worry the smartwatch support a TF card up to 64 GB.

Connectivity in the watch includes Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and a nano SIM option compatible with GSM network. If you are into fitness and health, the L1 is loaded with heart rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor that we seldom see in a smartwatch, it also has pedometer that works with L1’s GPS Route Record.

Additional features built in the Microwear L1 are sleep monitor, Syn Mobile Address Book & SMS, alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, sound record and find device. There is also an outdoor feature like barometer, altimeter, thermometer and compass.

So far, the specs and features of the Microwear L1 is focused on sport,  GPS and its multi-sport mode is a perfect partner for those who love outdoor activities. When it comes to price, the L1 is in the medium price range which is still affordable considering the features loaded to it. With 480 mAh battery the smartwatch last up to 2 days with regular usage and 4 days in standby time. Learn more about the Microwear L1 on its official page: http://www.microweartech.com/Microwear_L1.html


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