No.1 G9 Engineering Prototype a Sneak Preview from No.1

No.1, one of the leading smartwatch maker showed a short video of its upcoming smartwatch No.1 G9. The No.1 G9 is a sport smartwatch equipped with the latest MTK2503 processor. According to No.1 the G9 is the first smartwatch to run the said processor.

The No.1 G9 shown is a prototype, but if the finished product will be similar to the device shown on the video. The No.1 G9 will be one of the best looking sport smartwatch by No.1, its design is somewhat similar to that of Garmin’s rugged smartwatch or to that of Casio.

So what else do we know about the No.1 G9, according to No.1 the smartwatch is equipped with SIM card and works independently, but it also work as a companion watch to your phone. Health and features include are heart rate monitor, sport tracking, sleep monitoring, pedometer etc. It is also equipped with built –in GPS, so you can track your activity outdoors. The smartwatch has a waterproof rating IP67, no worries about getting it wet during your activities.

See the video from No.1

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