Download New Pebble Support app for iOS and Android to Keep your Pebble Working

You know the dilemma that Pebble users are experiencing for the past several months since Fitbit bought the struggling smartwatch company Pebble. There are a lot of stories, rumors circulated that Pebble smartwatch will lose its support and Fitbit will not continue to provide any kind of help or solution for Pebble fans.

Well, Fitbit will end its support eventually for Pebble, but not yet, as we all know Fitbit announced its plan to have their own version of a smartwatch, not a Pebble like smartwatch but a full color, somewhat like Android Wear or Tizen Gear. Before they finally end some services for Pebble, of course, they don’t want to leave loyal Pebble fans with a brick watch. We know that Pebble smartwatches rely heavily on Cloud services for side loading apps, or updating its firmware.

With this Pebble just announced a new support app for Pebble, an app that will let your smartwatch avoid dependency on Pebble Cloud servers. With this even if Fitbit support ends for the Pebble smartwatch, users can skip login and will still be able to side load app, update its firmware,even developers can sideload service configurations.

The app is both available for Android and iOS operating system

See the complete details on the new update for the Pebble Support application

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