Amazfit Pace Tips and Tricks – Learn more about your Pace

Amazfit Pace is fast becoming the most popular affordable smartwatch with focus on sport and fitness. So far its a cool looking smartwatch, that scores high on the design aspect. If you gone one, its time to personalized and get the most out of you Amazfit Pace, with these simple tips and tricks.

#Use your Amazfit Pace as an MP3 Player

Steps in transferring MP3 files to your Pace

  • Set your Amazfit Pace to its Charging based and Connect it to your PC
  • Open the Amazfit Pace in your Computer
  • Select the Folder “Music
  • Copy your MP3 files to Music Folder
  • Then connect your bluetooth Earphone to your Amazfit Watch
  • Playy your favorite song by selecting the Music Player on Amazfit Pace

#Personalized your Amazfit Pace with your own image background in a Watch Face

Aside from preloaded watch faces in your Amazfit Pace, you can also add your own photo as a background for the watch face (Selected watch face only).

In the support app, go to the Watch Faces section

Select the “Load Image”, an option will shows opting you to choose whether load a photo from your “Gallery” or Take Photo using your phones camera.

After the photo syncing, select from three different Watch Faces that is enabled for background changing, Golden Rooster, Eternal Motion or 2107.

Go to your Smartwatch, selected the screen hold down until it sets to the setting of changing the Watch Face.

Select from the these watch faces, after selecting, “Choose uploaded image

Select image and hit Confirm

Tap to Save

#App Sequencing

Arrange the menus on you Amazfit Pace by importance. You can do this by arranging the menus such as Steps Counter, Heart Rate Monitor, Stop Watch, etc. in order that you like. Here are the steps.

Open your Amazfit Support app

  • Swipe on the main page, swipe down
  • go to Application Sequencing
  • Drag any app or down to adjust their sequence
  • You can also hide or show them on your smartwatch, by toggling the on off

#Set the Amazfit Pace Backlight

There are a lot of complain for the backlight and touch screen of the smartwatch. Well there are some few options that you can set to improve the screen of your Pace,here are some:

Changing your Backlight Settings

Swipe from up to down to show the settings

Go to Common… or you can go directly, access the baclight settings in the icon when you swipe down on your Pace.

Cycle to the list of options

Select from:

  • Auto – the smartwatch automatically set the amount of light based on your current light environment
  • Unlocked Only – the backlight turns on when the smartwatch is unlocked
  • Always On – backlight is switch on always on
  • OFF- turn off the backlight

We will update this article with more Amazfit Pace Tips and Tricks! Stay tuned…

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