Best Watch Faces for Samsung Gear S3 that you can Download Right Now

Samsung Gear S3, a Tizen based wearable that stand-out from the crowd last year. Its rotating bezel is one of the best innovation implemented for smartwatch, where most of the smartwatches main method of interaction are touch screen and buttons.

But of course no matter how better the hardware and look is, if there are no available apps, it will be just a useless device. It’s a good thing that Samsung continuously worked with developers to bring new and popular apps for the Gear S3. The number of watch faces for Gear S2 and S3 also increased for the past few months, from free to paid HD quality watch faces, there are lot of choices now compared to the first quarter of 2016. We tested some of them and here are our best pick for the best watch faces for Samsung Gear S3 that you can download right now.

Mr. Time – provides a collection of amazing watch face for Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3, Mr. Time collections includes digital design, or graphical watch faces uploaded by users. Well we pick one watch face in its amazing collection and here is our pick: Mr. Time : Royal Blue –a professional looking watch face by Mr. Time the Royal Blue, looks beautiful on your Gear S3, especially to the Frontier version. The watch faces includes a 12 hours and 24 hours version. A month and day with sub dials making it look like a real classic wrist watch.

SAM watch Basic – if you love a clean, simple watch faces, the SAM watch basic is perfect, the design, I think is unisex, it suits for women who also have a Gear S3 and want a simple minimalist design as their watch face. It is also has a power saving mode watch face included.

SAM Watch Basic2 –a second version of the popular Sam Watch Basic, the watch has two extra dials intended for the battery and steps and on the other side is the month. It is still has the minimalist design, a clean look and simple look. It is still has a high definition graphics that will surely look good on your Samsung Gear S3.

Detector by Jake 36 – another quality watch face from watch maker, the Detector by Jake36, a clean sharp watch faces with numeric date, day of the week sub digital time and watch battery level, love the color and simple graphics of the Detector Watch Face.

 Jeweler Casual Premium – a premium watch face with 156 theme combinations, it is one of the few watch face app in Gear App store with variety of sub dial combinations. It has  a realistic colorful realistic graphics. There are two versions of Jeweler Casual Premium, a 24 hours and 12 hour version. If you want a 24 hour version, you can download it in a separate app. The watch face includes digital time, distance, step counter, step goal, battery indicator, months, days and date.

Facer Platform –  it’s a free customization app that is available for Android Wear platform, the Facer app, is now free to download for Tizen platform, anyone with Gear S2 and Gear S3 will be able to download amazing watch faces created by users and as well create their own personalized design. The app also offers high quality premium watch face that can be purchase and download. Facer has one of the best watch faces available for Gear S3.


  •     import and edit any image you’d like
  •     Included free watch hands and weather icon collection
  •     Large custom font collections
  •     Numerous Time and Date layouts
  •     Interactive and Animated Design capabilities
  •     Weather Conditions with Fahrenheit and Celsius support
  •     Battery Level, Step Counter, Wifi Indicator, and Dynamic Backgrounds

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