ZTE Quartz Smartwatch – Looks Plain and Dull

ZTE Quartz is surely going to be in the market really soon, as more images and details of the wearable leaked on the web for the past few days, it is just a matter of time till we get our hands on this new wearable by ZTE.

Well here are some information we received about the ZTE Quartz smartwatch, aside from the operating system Android Wear, the smartwatch will feature an all metal body with a possible interchangeable strap, the desing is simple with a thin bezel that has a tick marks on it. Right now it is still not confirmed if what is ZTE’s plan for it, will it be marketed as a casual office type of watch or more for health and features.

There are some dissapointing news about the ZTE Quartz, according to the report, the smartwatch might not feature LTE, NFC or even a heart rate monitor, if these are true the ZTE Quartz might somewhat look like the first generation smartwatch, simple, and with less functionalities. With this it might not be able to utilized the full potential of Android Wear 2.0 and might lure ZTE fans planning to buy the smartwatch to other smartwatch offerings, unless of course the price is irresistible. We hope it could still bring new and unique offerings in the market despite lacking important features, right now all we can do is speculate and wait until the ZTE Quartz unveiling.

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