Zeblaze NEO 3 Smartwatch – Review of Features

Zeblaze NEO 3 Smartwatch – Review of Features

The Zeblaze Neo series got a new version, the Zeblaze Neo 3 smartwatch. A wearable with a sporty design having a lightweight body weighing 44 grams only. This is made possible due to the ABS+ PC material og the body.

It has a three stainless steel silver brush button, two small push button on the side and in between is a much bigger crown button that works as a home button. The bezel has a plain design, unlike the Neo and Neo 2 that has a chronograph type design.

The Zeblaze Neo 3 smartwatch looks premium with its hybrid leather straps, .22 mm compatible it is easy interchangeable with its quick release pin feature. The smartwatch looks durable, its breathable and sweat resistant as well.

The simple sporty look is accompanied by a full round color display. The Neo 3 comes with a 1.3″ inch bright color with good depth, vivid colors and clarity. Its a full screen with full touch screen method of operation. Overall, the body has an IP678 waterproof rating, it is resistant to swear, rain, splashes of water.

Zeblaze Neo 3 Smartwatch

Zeblaze Neo 2 Featured Pack Smartwatch

Zeblaze designed the smartwatch for those who have an active lifestyle, its no wonder why the wearable is packed with sport, health and fitness functions. Here are its multiple functions that will fans will surely love.

Heart Rate Monitoring

According to Zeblaze, the Zeblaze Neo 3 smartwatch has a 24 hour continuous monitoring, it is able to record your heart rate anytime of the day. With the data collected, it is able to provide insights on the heart rate zones to optimize your workouts. Again, for the accuracy we cant verify it, but usually new smartwatches provide clear and close results to that of a medical grade HR monitor. Anyways, the company don’t advise to use the results for diagnoses but for reference only.

Zeblaze Neo 3 features

Get Fit and Healthy With its Sport Features

The smartwatch has an auto-sport tracking. Sports supported are outdoor running, treadmill, walking and cycling. Outdoor activities support connected GPS for map trajectory, but we prefer a built-in GPS. Sadly Zeblaze goes for Connected GPS which is OK but might disappoint smartwatch fans.

Additional Health Feature

The Zeblaze Neo 3 smartwatch supports sleep tracking. It automatically track your sleep, light sleep, deep sleep even the time your woke-up and provide detailed analysis of your sleep patterns. There is also a sedentary reminder, you tend to sit and inactive for too long? well, the sedentary reminder of Neo 3 will alert you.

Get Real Time Reminders with its Notifications

Get real time notifications fast with SMS support with the option to read the messages right on your wrist. There is also a call reminder. The smartwatch also support social app notifications. Get alerted with the alarm feature, timer, sedentary remindner and anti-lost.

The smartwatch support weather forecast providing real time alert, music control- control the music on your smartphone, find phone, camera control same as the music control it works with Bluetooth connectivity.

Happy Sports , get all the full data of the status of your work with the Happy Sports app available for iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 operating system. The app can now record the stats, from heart rate to sleep monitoring.

See the product page for the Neo 3 Smartwatch

Here are the Specifications of the Zeblaze Neo 3

Body: 472 x 14.3 mm Weight: 44 grams

Material: PC + ABS

Display: 1.3″ inch IPS LCD 240 x 240 pixel resolution

Sensors: Heart rate sensor, Proximity sensor, accelerometer

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: 180 mAh 20 days in basic watch mode, 10 days in normal usage

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Support App: Happy Sports

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and above


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