Top 10 Questions About Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Answered

Top 10 Questions About Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Answered

The popular smartband by Xiaomi, is here and of course with its new features and upgraded hardware. Some of those who have the Mi Band 4 just upgraded to the new fitness tracker.

For those who are new to the fitness wearable, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a treat with its advanced fitness tracking features. Anyways, whether you are to the new fitness tracker or not, here are the top queries by users regarding the Mi Band 5.


Here are the top 10 questions regarding the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

1. Does the Mi Band 5 have GPS?

No, with all the advanced features and hardware of the Mi Band 5, sadly Xiaomi did not include a built-in GPS to the smartband. Although there is a sports tracking such as running, walking, the Mi Band 5 don’t support GPS tracking or even a connected GPS.

2. What are the features of Mi Band 5?

The fitness tracker is a light weight wearable loaded with sport and fitness tracking features. It has a full color large 1.1” inch AMOLED display with touch key and touch screen support. It includes multi-mode sport, female physiological tracking, PAI scoring, NFC (China only), improved method of charging, improved battery life.

3. Can the Mi Band 5 Answer Calls?

No, the Mi Band 5 currently doesn’t support this function. It can only notify you with the incoming calls and messages but no there is no option to answer calls via the fitness tracker.

4. Is there a Reject Call Function for the Mi Band 5?
Yes, there is an option to reject calls in the fitness tracker, other functions regarding calls are silent mode option, dismiss alert option.

5. Is the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Waterproof?

Yes, the fitness tracker is waterproof, at a depth of up to 50 meters. 5ATM (50 meters), it is rain proof, wash proof, and swim proof as well. You can also take a bath, shower or swim while wearing it.

6. Will the NFC function works outside of China?

So far, the Chinese Mi band 5 version with NFC support works in China only with Ali Pay Payment, Union Pay Quick Pay. There is no report yet on the Global version if it will have an NFC support and will work outside of China.

7. Can I use Mi band 5 without a phone?

Yes, you can wear and use it without your phone. After activating it and synchronizing it with your phone, the smartband can work on independently. If the Bluetooth of the phone is activated, the band will automatically sync with your smartphone when the band detects the Bluetooth of your phone.

8. Can the Mi Band 5 Measure Blood Pressure?

No, although it has an advanced algorithm and upgraded PPG Biosensor,with up to 50% increase in accuracy, the fitness tracker does not support blood pressure monitoring.

9. Does Mi band 5 have Microphone?

Yes, the Mi Band 5 comes with a microphone and works side by side with voice function of Xiao Ai. Take note that the voice assistant only works with Xiaomi Bracelet 5 NFC version. You can now use your fitness tracker to turn the supported devices on and off with just a command, you can send commands with Mijia devices such as air conditions, lights, purifiers, robotic vacuum cleaner and more.

10. When is the Global Release Date of Mi Band 5?

The fitness tracker was release in the market last month, below are the date of release in their respected region and countries. Announced in China on 11 June 2020, made available on June 18, 2020 in China. A Global release date and of Europe will be on July 15, 2020.

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