WristHack Smartwatch – Know More about This Wearable

WristHack Smartwatch – Know More about This Wearable

Browsing the web, we spotted this smartwatch promotion, from a certain page. We are familiar with its look and features, so we decided to take a look on. And here is what we found out about the WristHack smartwatch.

We check it online and we are surprised that there are two models in the market. The rebranded Y68 model in the .io page and an upgraded version with an Apple watch look, on the .com page. We are going to focus more on the new version, which is similar to V6 and FK or T series Apple watch clones.

The new model has a sporty design, looking like an Apple watch clone but with a few missing trademark. It doesn’t have a pill shape button but with that familiar crown button and curved rounded body frame.

The WristHack smartwatch has a sporty silicon watch strap that is detachable, and has the same design as an Apple sport watch. Overall body based on its product page is the smartwatch is IP67 waterproof, it is splash-proof, wash proof, it can survive up to 1 meter of water up to 30 minutes.

Regarding its display, the wearable has a full-color screen with full touch screen support. The display looks ok, although it is not stated screen display might have a 154” inch with 240 x 240 pixel resolution (please drop us a comment you have the exact specs). On top of that is a 2.5D screen display that is clear and with anti-scratch protection.

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Features of the WristHack smartwatch

The WristHack smartwatch has health monitoring, it has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure, as well as blood oxygen monitoring. It can monitor your vital stats 24/7 with stats and graphs in the support app. Again the results for the health sensors should be used as a reference only.

Multi-mode sports, running, sit-ups, skipping, table tennis, basketball, badminton, climbing, bike riding, tennis, walking, and volleyball. Aside from that, it also has automatic activity tracking, checking your steps, calories, and distance.

Notification function, the smartwatch can receive incoming calls, text messages as well as popular social apps. It will notify you via pop-up alerts accompanied by a slight vibration.

Other functions included in the device are sleep monitoring, there is also at least 5 preloaded watch faces available in the smartwatch.


Support App

Just like the Y68 and other similar versions. Th WristHack smartwatch uses the FitPro support app. Available in iOS and Android, the smartwatch provide stats and graphs and additional options for your smartwatch. Options for setting notifications for SMS and social apps, checking on the graphs for heart rate and sports activities. We are not sure if it’s available, but there is a possibility that the WristHack supports additional watch faces available in the support app.

Initial Review on the WristHack smartwatch

We don’t have many details on its specifications, and other features. But we tried to dig dip on its details and seems like the smartwatch is a rebranded W5 smartwatch. The wearable has almost the same design and features. But as we said we are not sure, if it’s the W5 smartwatch. It is possible that there might be some changes that are exclusive in the WristHack smartwatch.

Well, for the authenticity of the website, please check more details on the reviews of those who already purchased it. It is too early to say whether the wearable is a scam or not. Always read some reviews first on the details about the company to avoid getting scammed.

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