Withings ScanWatch Horizon Smartwatch – With Clinically Validated ECG

Withings ScanWatch Horizon – With Clinically Validated ECG

Withings just unveiled its latest luxury smartwatch in the market, the Withings ScanWatch Horizon Smartwatch. A wearable categorized as a hybrid smartwatch, loaded with smart features. See the details below on its smart features as well as basic specs.

Design and Quality

The ScanWatch Horizon is one of the elegant-looking smartwatch from Withings. A look, and feel of a classic watch but smart on the inside. It has a 316L stainless steel body with a classic design, single crown button on its side. It has a durable steel body, and a saw-toothed bezel that rotates similar to Samsung’s wearable.

The bezel has engraved markings, Luminova watch hands, pointers, making it easy to know the time in even at night, because of its glow in the dark feature. To add beauty to its classic look, the wearable has a stainless steel strap, with metal enclosure. Overall, the smartwatch is full waterproof, and dustproof with its 10 ATM waterproof protection.

The Withings ScanWatch Horizon smartwatch is a hybrid smartwatch, meaning it has a classic design with its analog design. But at the same time having a smart feature on the inside. On its analog watch face, there is a small screen display, a monochrome screen that will show the notifications, as well as other health data.


Features of Withings ScanWatch Horizon Smartwatch

One of the main feature of this luxury smartwatch is its health function. It is equipped with heart rate monitoring, with its PPG sensor. Aside from HR sensor, it also has an ECG, which according to Withings, it is clinically validated detection of atrial fibrillation. Aside from ECG, another clinically validated sensor is the SpO2 monitoring. It checks for your blood oxygen level accurately.

Additional health function is the sleep monitoring, checking and monitoring the sleep length, sleep stages and quality.

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Fitness Functions

The wearable has an automatic activity tracking, it monitors the steps, distance, as well as calories. It also detects other sports, up 30 activities are available in the wearable. Walking, running, cycling and more. The smartwatch also supports an altimeter, it can calculate the floors traveled with its sensors.

Accompanying this health functions is VO2 Max, a popular function added to sports smartwatches, checking and monitoring your fitness level.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Specs

Dimension: 43 mm x 13.28 mm

Weight: 72 grams

Body: 316L Stainless Steel

Sensors: 3 Axis Accelerometer, heart rate sensor, ECG, SpO2 sensor

Screen Display: PMOLED
Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy

Waterproof Rating: Up to 10 ATM

GPS: None, only connected GPS

Battery: Up to 30 days of battery life

Compatibility: Android 8.0 and above, iOS 14 and above

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