Ulefone Watch – Review of Features

Ulefone Watch – Review of Features

I guess fans of Ulefone, and those who are looking for an affordable smartwatch. And with a good sport and tracking feature will surely love this wearable. Ulefone Watch, a smartwatch packed with built-in GPS, and sports functions.

It is a 5 ATM water resistant smartwatch with a simple design. Looking at the wearable, the smartwatch has a clean design, rectangular form factor with a single physical button on the side. The wearable is available in black+red, pink+blue and black+green color.

Minimalist look, lightweight weighing 35 grams only. It has a two-tone silicon watch strap with a unique design. The wearable has an anti-allergic material that is skin-friendly, and safe. Simple design, good display, the Ulefone Watch, 1.3″ inch IPS LCD screen. It is a full-color screen display, with bright colors. The display screen is a 2.5D curved tempered glass, with full touch screen operation. It has good brightness, ok resolution having a 240 x 240 pixels.


Anyways enough with its design, and looks. Let’s go over the features of the Ulefone Watch

Here are the Features that we like on the Ulefone Watch

It is an affordable smartwatch but packed with at least 14 Sports mode, it is loaded with both indoor and outdoor activities.

Here are its Sports Features

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Open Swimming, Hiking, Cricket. Some of the outdoor activities can have a map tracking with its built-in GPS. Providing you with map trajectory on the support app.


For Indoors

Outdoor Cycling, Outdoor Running, Swimming, Yoga, Rowing Machine, Elliptical Trainer, Spinning Bike, Workout.

The Ulefone Watch has an advanced HX3600 optical sensor, checking your heart rate 24/7. It analyzes your heart rate, pace and calories during an exercise.

Message Notifications

Receive real-time notifications, calls or SMS messages. It also supports social app notifications. Popular apps are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other well known apps.

Long Battery Life

Another feature that makes it attractive, it’s not the software but on the hardware. The wearable has a very long standby time, in just a single charge, the wearable has at least 40 days of standby time, which is over a month. And at least 7 days of normal usage.

Initial Review of the Ulefone Watch

Checking its design, as well as the features. The Ulefone Watch is ideal for those who are looking for a wearable with sports tracking but with a tight budget. It has built-in GPS for its sports tracking, the wearable has a health function such as heart rate monitoring, female physiological support, and sleep monitoring. It also has other functions packed in the small, lightweight form factor, but still in a decent price range.

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