Tobias Jacobsen Smartwatch – Your Hybrid Wearable

Tobias Jacobsen Smartwatch – Your Hybrid Wearable

Here is wearable from the popular designer, Tobias Jacobsen. It is a smartwatch mixed with mechanical feature. It has an analog mixed with smartwatch functionality. I’m not a fan of hybrid smartwatches, but for some, it has advantages over the traditional wide display, LCD smartwatch. It is classy, still having that classic wristwatch look with smart functionality.

Check this hybrid smartwatch, the Tobias Jacobsen Smartwatch. The wearable has an analog clock looking like a traditional watch. But there is a twist, the smartwatch has a small OLED screen display on the bottom part of the watch face. The OLED screen shows the status of your device such as the heart rate, steps alarm, notifications. With regards to its body, the Tobias Jacobsen Smartwatch has a stainless steel body with three physical buttons on the side, giving it a premium look.


Some of the advantages of the hybrid smartwatch is that you have, an always-on display. No need to raise your wrist to display the time. With the watch, you will know time right away, it’s like still having the traditional wristwatch. Long battery life due to small OLED display screen. Classic wrist watch look and feel.

According to its brief features, and specifications, the smartwatch has a heart rate sensor, g-sensor, there is also blood pressure monitoring as well as blood oxygen monitoring but we are not sure on the last two sensors. It has automatic activity tracking, it is able to keep track of your steps, calories, and distance. There is also sleep monitoring, notifications, and other useful functions.

With its Bluetooth functionality, you can connect to the support app for more detailed information on your activities. With its small OLED screen display, the smartwatch has at least 30 days of normal usage in just a single charge. The Tobias Jacobsen Smartwatch is compatible with Android 5.0 and later, as well as iOS 9.0.

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