TicWatch C2 Smartwatch – Coupon Code

TicWatch C2 Smartwatch Coupon Code

 The TicWatch went for a minimalist classic look for their smartwatches and TicWatch C2 Smartwatch is one awesome product for this kind of look. The luxurious vibe and elegant design of the C2 can give you more of an expensive feels when it comes to its price tag.

However with the use of this COUPON CODE: UATREETM from @Geekbuying.com you’ll get this TicWatch C2 under $200, you can checkout this amazing smart watch at $159.99. The TicWatch C2’s price is a good fitting as its first Wear OS by Google and other cool features that may exceed your expectations.

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Everything from the usual features to unique ones works perfectly to suit most of the people’s preference for a smart watch. Let’s start with the TicWatch C2’s design, since it has a minimalist elegant look it will definitely fits anyone’s lifestyle. It is built from steel with a touch of leather strap paired with stainless steel case and accentuated with slimmer design can be worn in any occasion. Its available in colors Onyx, Rose Golden and Platinum.

Fall in love with its 1.3 AMOLED round screen with 360 x 360 pixels and experience a whole new visual experience with its screen display. It’s colorful and bright enough to satisfy your perception. You can still see display even when it’s exposed to bright light.

You can easily use multiple apps without any lagging issues with its CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon W2100 and its RAM 512 MB plus enough space for your Apps 4GB ROM.

Keep your life simple as TicWatch C2 as it Wear OS by Google which allows you to make countless payments through the use of *Google pay, within your wrist, you can just keep your phone and cash in your purse. You can also use other Apps like Uber, Spotify, Strava, Google Fit, Google play music, Google map and Google Fit.

Don’t miss anything with your health and fitness as TicWatch C2 can give you results and know your health status as it comes with built in GPS, dynamic heart rate monitoring, accelerometer and gyroscope. The C2 can accurately track your health and fitness progress.



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