TechNik Smart Watch – Features, Price, Initial Review, Scam or Legit?

TechNik Smart Watch – Features, Price, Initial Review, Scam or Legit?

New wearables are popular right now, and as expected we will provide an initial review of these smartwatches and smart band in the market.

Here we have the Technik smart watch, or shall we say smart band. We check on the promotional images and so far, we found at least two designs for the smart watch or promoted as the Technik 3 Smartwatch. We are not just sure if it’s from the same company with just a different model or it is just a mistake that it posted a different image of the wearable.

Anyways, let’s check what the smart watch has to offer, let’s see the details of the Technik Smart watch.

Features of the TechNik Smart Watch

Its product page suggest, that the wearable is equipped with a g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor as well as blood oxygen monitor. Aside from these health sensors, it is also included with a sleep monitoring and a sedentary alert. We just don’t know if how accurate its biometric, but I guess, just like other smart watches, its results are just for reference and not a basis for diagnosis.

The wearable is also loaded with activity tracking with steps, calories, and distance counter. If you are into sports, basic sports functions such as running, walking, is also included.


Going further on its details, the wearable supports notifications, it is able to receive call notifications, message notifications, app notifications with settings available in the support app. The wearable also takes advantage of its Bluetooth functionality. With it, you can control the music on your smartphone, or control the camera of your phone and take photos with your smart watch. There is also an anti-lost functionality.

Additional functions included are weather, alarm, reminder and other settings available for your wearable. So far, there are few reliable details on the Technik Smart watch, we are not sure on the authenticity of the product pages we have found. There is sure thing that we agree on the details, its pricing. With the features that the wearable is offering, we can say that the price is just ok. Usually, the wearables in this price range do have $35 – $40 dollars depending on the design and material.

If you have plans in getting one, we advised you to check more on the details of the wearable. A comprehensive review, especially on the recent purchases of the product. We are not sure on the exact product page of the smart watch as there seem to have several sites/pages dedicated to the device. Right now, it is still early to say whether the product is a scam or not. Well, see in the next few weeks, if we will spot a new and much reliable product page for the Technik Smart watch.

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