Spotify Adds Offline Support for Gear S3 Download it Now!

For those who has the Gear S3, and a subscriber of Spotify, I guess you will surely love this new feature added to the Spotify. According to the latest press release, Spotify is adding an offline support for Gear S3, yes it will add an offline playback for its users, now you can download music player directly on your Samsung Gear S3 and play even without an internet connection.

With this you don’t need to stream the music or video on your Gear S3, it is a big boost for Samsung Gear S3 as right now it’s the only wearable that support this feature for Spotify. But of course we expect that it will be available also to Android Wear in the coming months, and also for Apple Watch, that according to Spotify is already in the works. Right now the offline support is available in Sweden but other have reported that the option is also available in other countries as well.

Spotify is a music podcast with video streaming service, it is available in smartphones and in popular wearables such as Gear S3, AndroidWear smartwatches and Apple Watch.


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